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Time and Place


Time and Place – Elliot Baines, The Roundhouse, London

Any building that’s been around for 175 years has seen its share of history. But if their walls could talk, few classic structures would have anything nearly as interesting, colorful or musical to say (or sing) as the stoic, circular structure on Camden Town’s Chalk Farm Road. Completed in 1847 as an engine house to […]

Time and Place – Steve Richardson and St. Michael’s Cave

More than 15,000 years ago, Neolithic visitors braved the harsh unforgiving interior of what is now known as St. Michael’s Cave, Gibraltar to draw charcoal images of an ibex on its limestone walls. Though they left no record of their endeavor, it’s easy for Full Production’s Steve Richardson to imagine the hardship, determination and pride […]

Time and Place – Nicholas Murphy and Saltair Pavilion

With its vintage Moorish architecture, complete with domed ceilings and towering minarets, the Saltair Pavilion looks as if it popped out of a vintage movie. The building and its predecessors, the first of which was built in 1893, has indeed been featured in multiple films and music videos. It’s even been the subject of a […]