Lighting Insights

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Robert Peterson: Contextual Lighting

Look through the vast and impressive portfolio of this Chicago-based designer and it isn’t long before you realize that although his work is unfailingly powerful, there is no single “Bob Peterson look.” With each project, his lighting assumes a different personality, one that weaves it so tightly into its particular place and time that it […]

An ÉPIX Moment

A collection of 410 pixel mapped ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures, supplied by Phlippo Productions, stirred up summer excitement at Belgium’s largest beach festival “2 Meisjes op het Strand.” Ranked among the most popular events in Northern Europe, the festival is known for more than just music. Also drawing thousands of fans and attracting a large […]

Belgium Beat

Dating back to medieval times, the gothic castles and cathedrals that line the center of Ghent, Belgium offer a breathtaking beautiful view that transports visitors back in time. For 10 days this summer though, the city’s UNESCO protected district rocked with cutting edge 21st Century music and technology during Gentse Feesten, a go-to festival for […]

Strip Center: Ford Sellers On Pixel Mapped Strip Lights

Pixel mappable strip lights may have a narrow profile, but they’ve been leaving a huge footprint in a growing number of lighting designs. From framing festival stages and decorating walls to extending theatrical designs and accenting praise music during worship services, strip lights are being used in a diverse range of ways at a wider […]

Peter Greenbaum’s Year Of Todays

Every weekday shortly after midnight, when many designers are just getting to bed, Peter Greenbaum is waking up to begin another day lighting an American icon. For the past four years, this native New Yorker has been lighting The Today Show, the most popular (among adults) and longest running morning show in the US. Through […]

Michael Stiller: Interactive Light

There are times during the design process, says this Bessie Award and IES Illumination Merit Award winner, when light is “the enemy.” Surprising words from a designer who has been captivated by lighting since the age of ten, but reflective of Stiller’s firm conviction that light must be delicately balanced against darkness if a design […]

Lighting Is Part Of The Play

For Zach Blane theatrical lighting is not merely an effect, but an acting role in its own right. Like any actor, he says, lighting should exude its own emotional force, as it contributes to the overriding narrative of the play. Considering himself a “Dramaturgical Storyteller” rather than a “Lighting Designer,” Blane weaves his lighting tightly […]

Peru’s Spirit In Light

He has been called the “heir to Pavarotti.” Dazzling crowds with his immaculate, crystal clear voice, he is universally regarded as “one of the greatest tenors in history.” Still, even as his celebrated career has taken him from La Scala to Royal Albert Hall, Juan Diego Florez has kept his heart in Peru. So, when […]

Elizabeth Coco and the Stone Canvas

Designing lighting displays for buildings is a tricky business. On the one hand, the illuminated structure should stand out, captivating all who see it with its dazzling colors and patterns. On the other, it is the edifice, not the illumination, which should be the star of the show. Achieving this balance requires the designer to […]

Nick Collier: Elemental Lighting

This London based designer has been involved in lighting three Olympic ceremonies, an equal number of Nobel Peace Prize Concerts, a Eurovision Song Contest and countless other major events involving massive rigs. Still, when he’s searching for inspiration, he envisions a dark stage and imagines adding one light at a time. This elemental approach, which […]