Lighting Insights


Donald Holder – Supple Light

Infinitesimal numbers, a cornerstone of Newton’s calculus, are also a wonderful, liberating metaphor, reminding all who take the time to ponder their meaning that endless possibilities exist, even within strictly defined spaces. The work of this New York lighting designer is, in many respects, a celebration of this principle. Always paying meticulous attention to the […]

I’m With The Band – Cody James and Killswitch Engage

In industrial parlance a “kill switch” is a device that instantly shuts down machinery when something goes wrong so things can be reset and started over again. The metaphor is well-suited for metalcore giants Killswitch Engage, who formed their group in 1999 after the bands they had previously belonged to were disbanded. Pressing the button […]

Written in Gobos

No one can quite agree on what the term “gobo” stands for. Some suggest it’s short for “Go to Black.” Others argue for “Goes Before Optics,” or “Go Between.” No matter, most things about this powerful design tool are highly individualized. Like some sort of DNA marker, gobos are often a defining element of each […]

Sooner Routhier – Limitless Light

Very early in her career, this Parnelli Award winning designer found herself standing alone in the middle of a 120k par can rig at a small festival. The person who was supposed to help her was a no-show because of illness, leaving her to set up and patch the rig on her own. Uncertain of […]

Dark Matter

Is darkness the absence of light, or light the absence of darkness? Philosophers and poets have wrangled with this question for millennia, though physicists have a different take on the subject, pointing out that light is “real,” made up of actual protons, whereas darkness cannot exist by itself as a physical entity. That may well […]

Funny Business – Marc Wasserman on Lighting Comedy

Comedy isn’t funny, at least not for the comics who make us laugh. More often than not it’s the product of a lot of hard work, planning, research, and most of all, timing. The same can be said about the process of lighting comedy shows. Sure, it doesn’t call for the special effects that animate […]

Color STRIKE M Debuts at Premio Lo Nuestro

“I enjoy the music of the language,” 17-time Grammy winner Sting said of Spanish. “It’s an emotional quality that it gives me.” That emotional quality was there for all to enjoy on the evening of Thursday February 24, when the English-born legend performed his single “For Her Love” in Spanish as part of Univision’s broadcast […]

Mike Grabowski – Metamorphic Light

Reality is not what it seems inside a studio or remote broadcast site. The deep purple background that viewers see on their screens will likely appear blue or pink to the production crew watching live. The bright sunlight that makes the same crew squint on an outdoor set, will seem gently subdued to those tuning […]

Time and Place – Elliot Baines, The Roundhouse, London

Any building that’s been around for 175 years has seen its share of history. But if their walls could talk, few classic structures would have anything nearly as interesting, colorful or musical to say (or sing) as the stoic, circular structure on Camden Town’s Chalk Farm Road. Completed in 1847 as an engine house to […]

Premier Performer at Premieres

Our friends at Image Productions Services (IPS) have been earning rave reviews for their stellar work at film premieres in London – and we’re honored they’ve included CHAUVET Professional in their creative tool chest. Just before Christmas, there was the debut of “House of Gucci,” the Ridley Scott directed family saga involving high stakes fashion. […]