Lighting Insights


Setting the Mood for Muse

At its best, art holds a mirror up to its times. Not one of the fun-house variety that distorts to flatter myths or scare up false demons, but a relentlessly realistic one that reflects things as they are, and through the artist’s perspective offers hope for how things might somehow become better. Such was the […]

Anatomy of a Rig – Ed Warren at Madison Square Garden

Every great concert creates memories, but some go far beyond the good vibes of the moment and, growing over time, reach legendary status in the public’s imagination, because of the milestones they represent. The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, which opened a new world for psychedelic music, is one such show. […]

I’m With The Band – Ollie Wilkinson and Nina Nesbitt

Rising star Nina Nesbitt and lighting designer Ollie Wilkinson have both come a long way since there first collaboration in 2013. Then still a teenager, the Scottish-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist was about to embark on her first headline tour. For Wilkinson, who was not much older, it was also his first tour as a headline […]

Crt Birsa – Imagistic Light

Geometric and evocative with a tantalizing depth that seems to beckon those who see it to step inside a matrix of repeating patterns, this Slovenian designer’s work for tours and video productions bears a striking resemblance to light art. This prompted us to inquire if he’s ever been involved in this genre, to which he […]

Thomas “Church” – Christmann Private Light

The concerts he has lit for clients like KoRn, Machine Head, and Simple Plan have filled arenas and amphitheaters. But as this Hamburg, Germany-based designer and programmer sees it, at one level, his work involves creating tens of thousands of individual shows for each member of the audience. Everyone comes to a live performance sharing […]

I’m With The Band – Peter Morse and Barbra Streisand

There are milestone events that happen in every successful creative collaboration, particularly when those involved are just learning how to work through thorny issues together. For Peter Morse and Barbra Streisand, such a moment occurred early in their relationship when they shared a corned beef sandwich lunch after struggling to get a white light background […]

Anatomy of a Rig – Ollie Titterington’s ILLUMINATE

It is an annual tradition in the beautiful seaside community of Dorset in the southwest of England. Late every November, a large section of the historic (it dates back to 1756) Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens is transformed into a winter wonderland of light for ILLUMINATE. With its winding paths and vibrant colors playing off the garden’s […]

Bob Bonniol and Steve Cohen “AI Stage”

It is every designer’s dream: to overcome the limitations of time and space, and allow the creative vision that originally sparked a project to be expressed to its fullest. Steve Cohen and Bob Bonniol journeyed very far in the direction of this nirvanic state recently when they collaborated on the production and lighting design for […]

Rob Ross – Coalescent Light

“There is only one genre in fiction” the prolific English author Matt Haig once quipped, “the genre is called book.” Rob Ross is known for working magic with lighting fixtures rather than words, but this literary observation accurately describes the broad, all-embracing path that the New York-based designer has followed throughout his impressive career. Exhibiting […]

I’m With The Band – Roland Greil on Rammstein and Genesis

Enjoying a good collaborative relationship with an iconic band is a great honor. This gifted Munich-based designer is doubly appreciative of that! He’s had the privilege to be part of productive long-term collaborations with two such giants. Greil’s path to both superstars began under the Woodroffe Basset Design umbrella, as he worked with Patrick Woodroffe, […]

On The House – Derek Heckler, The Riviera Theatre

You might say that Derek Heckler was born and raised to be the house LD at the Riviera Theatre. When he was a child, his mother sang in seasonal choruses and orchestral concerts at the 1,200 seat theatre outside Buffalo, NY. Attending these performances, he fell in love with the ornate beauty of the historic […]