Lighting Insights


Niller Bjerregaard – Soaring Light

“His work has influenced me!” We heard this sentiment from more than a few LDs when we mentioned that we would be doing a feature on this Danish lighting and set designer. Bjerregaard’s outsized creations for his principal client, the Grammy-nominated multi-platinum band Volbeat, are indeed the sort of sweeping, visionary outpourings that fire the […]

House Work

Across the world clubs have been shuttered since the start of the pandemic. How has this affected the lives and careers of those who work inside as house LDs? What adjustments did they have to make after their venues closed? Now that those clubs are showing signs of reopening, how are they readying themselves? We […]

Lighting Geometry

For a livestream show celebrating the debut of Breathe Carolina’s own Twitch channel, LD Julien Reux took advantage of Will Chandler’s thoughtfully crafted studio rig at Envizion Group’s Los Angeles facility to create a sense of architecture with light. Playing off against this framework, Reux created a dynamic, fast-moving punted show. Although Reux had done […]

Time and Place – John Garberson and Big Surf Waterpark

Its name may evoke images of the deep blue sea, but the nearest ocean beach is 220 miles away in Rocky Point, Mexico. That isn’t to say you can’t catch a wave at Tempe, Arizona’s Big Surf Waterpark, which features a 2.5-million-gallon “Waikiki Pool” capable of creating five-foot waves. At different times during the year, […]

Maverick and Lee Rose Do NYE

Photo: Lee Rose Designs Lee Rose and the creative team behind the “Hollywood Party” segment of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show begin looking for a suitable soundstage for their production in mid-September. Most years the process is fairly routine, but not (no surprise!) in 2020. “We scouted the Los Angeles Convention Center as […]

Myles Mangino – Imaginative Light

Observe the world around you in detail, put what you see through the surreal liberating freedom of a dream, and you will be left with something true to the inspiration that drives your vision. For more than three decades, this New York based designer has followed this transcendent path to create a seemingly endless wellspring […]

Enter 2021

Having lived through a year like no other, lighting and event professionals look to 2021 with a mixture of hope, determination, trepidation, and (most important of all) courage. To learn more about how our industry is preparing for the challenges that lay ahead, we interviewed a cross section of lighting and staging professionals from across […]

Time and Place – Scott Warner and Pirita Convent

Following their prescribed worship ritual, nuns and monks would gather seven times a day at Pirita to sing the entire Old Testament Book of Praises. Today, music still resonates off its thick limestone walls of this breathtaking site, as the long-abandoned convent outside the Estonian capital of Tallinn has been reborn as a park and […]

Mavericks and Macy’s

The colorful floats were there, 26 of them in all; so too were the giant helium balloons, bands and street performers, but the 2020 version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was unlike any of its 96 predators. The usual throngs of fans were nowhere to be seen, and instead of following its normal route […]

English Mansion Transformed

Surrounded by 9,000 acres of exquisitely landscaped gardens, thick woodlands and neatly tended farms, the three-story Longleat mansion glistens beneath an ornate roof adorned with domes and decorative chimneys. Each of the stately windows that line the exterior facade of the 128 room Tudor structure beckon visitors to look into a world where imagination takes […]

Rodger Pugh’s Impossible Realities

Pushing the limits of perception is nothing new for the owner of Devus Design. In his work for clients like Starset, In This Moment, and Queensryche, he has artfully used light to free audiences from preconceived notions and challenge them with sci-fi infused designs that open windows to new possibilities. It was not surprising then […]

Erik Anderson Evolving Light

Every square inch of the universe, quantum physics tells us, is in a constant state of flux. Even seemingly “empty” space roils like an invisible sea of colliding quarks and gluons. It is exactly the sort of environment that feeds the soul of this Nashville-based creative and cofounder of Cour Design. Embracing constant change, not […]