Lighting Insights


Ed Warren – Spontaneous Light

At the end of our interview with this London-born LD, we asked, as we often do, what was the one thing he wanted people to know about him as a designer. “I’m making it all up as I go along,” was his short, snappy answer. A bit of clever hyperbole? Certainly, given that everyone familiar […]

Maverick Storm 4 Profile Lights Up Times Square NYE

Mike Grabowski was thrilled with his experience designing the multiple stages under his purview for “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” in Times Square this year, except for one thing. His single regret didn’t involve the rain that fell for much of the evening, either. After all, the “unpredictability of nature,” comes […]

On The House – Max Blackman Pier 17

Breathtaking views are everywhere you look at Pier 17. Turn one way, and you feel like you can almost reach out and touch the Brooklyn Bridge, turn the another and there’s The Statue of Liberty, keep going and you’re treated to a breathing taking view of the Manhattan skyline. When the sun goes down, though, […]

Rocking The Rock Hall Of Fame

When Allen Branton and the rest of the production team saw their design concept for the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction in place at the Microsoft Theater, their first reaction was something along the lines of “wow, this feels really modern!” This might have come as a surprise to some, given that […]

Matthieu Larivée – Embracive Light

Not too long ago, when someone asked this Montreal-based creative what his profession was, his response was simple: “Lighting Designer.” However, like his work itself, the answer to this question has become ever-more expansive of late, beginning with “production designer,” and on to “content creator,” until now, he simply described himself to us as “a […]

I’m With The Band – Steven Douglas and the Killers

The “craorag” in this Irish lighting designer’s company name, “Craorag Lighting,” comes from the old Irish term for “crimson.” How fitting, since in Celtic folklore this is often considered the color of magic and fantasy! The words not only aptly describe Douglas’ imaginative lighting style, they also nicely apply to the captivating shows he creates […]

Creating Space for Breaking Benjamin And Alice in Chains

A Bandit Lites supplied rig anchored by 40 Rogue R2X Wash and three COLORado Solo batten fixtures did double duty for two iconic groups as they toured 30 cities together. In the process they demonstrated their flexibility, as they contributed to shows by Breaking Benjamin and Alice in Chains. Here is how they did it: […]

Jason Baeri – Embracive Light

More than a few touring LDs have been known to say that running their consoles is akin to playing a musical instrument. The comparison works well for them, but this New York-based lighting programmer, designer and director takes a somewhat different view. Rather than seeing his work through the prism of hitting a snare drum […]