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Resourcefulness runs deep on the high arid plains of West Texas. One way this quality has manifested itself is in the impressive tributes to faraway famous structures that locals here have erected, from the “Globe of the Great Southwest” (modeled after Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre in London), to the popular “Stonehenge Replica” at Odessa’s state […]

I’m With The Band…Tim Farquhar and Magic Beans

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For lighting designer Tim Farquhar, it’s value has proven to be far greater. Back in 2012, Farquhar saw the popular jam band Magic Beans performing at Eldora Mountain in Colorado. Overwhelmed by the band’ eclectic freewheeling performance he took photos of them and shared his work […]

Zach Blane: Telling Stories On Stage With Light

There is a part of every play that audiences neither see nor hear, but feel. It is into this infinitesimal space that wafts between every word the writer pens, and separates every line each actor delivers, that Zach Blane’s lighting thrives. By filling this mysterious area, lighting can, he believes, unleash powerful and often subconscious […]

Nick Whitehouse: Contrasting Light

For this internationally renowned designer, the heart of concert lighting inevitably beats to the rhythm of contrasting forces. There is no brightness, says Whitehouse, without darkness. An intense laser or ballyhoo effect has no real impact by itself; it must be set against more mellow looks to move audiences. Virtually every facet of a design, […]

Niller Bjerregaard On Theatrical Metal

There is an inexorable narrative force that plows through metal music, just as aggressively   as the most ferocious guitar riff and thunderous bass. At their best, metal songs aren’t merely performed, they’re acted out, unfolding step by step with the gripping power of a drama. Like any drama, each song reveals more about itself at […]

On The House At The Brooklyn Bowl

There’s more to the Brooklyn Bowl’s name than the casual observer might suspect. This hip music venue, which Rolling Stone named one of the Top 20 clubs in the US, also houses a 16-lane bowling alley within its spacious confines. House LD Victor Cornette doesn’t have to concern himself with pin spotting or retrieving erstwhile […]

Keith Hoagland: Riding Light

“The road is life,” famed Beat author Jack Kerouac once wrote. Keith Hoagland would have no argument with that. Before starting a project, the Tennessee-based lighting designer and programmer is likely to hop on his Harley and take off on a remote winding Williamson County road with the music of his client playing on his […]

Arlo Guthrie Strikes Up Looks For Miranda Lambert

Having not yet reached her 35th birthday, Miranda Lambert wasn’t born nearly in time to experience the Summer of Love in 1968, but the multi-Grammy winning country superstar captures the heartfelt openness of those heady days in her aptly named Livin’ Like Hippies tour. Opening with a cover of the John Prine classic, “That’s The […]

Diana Kesselschmidt: Lighting Time and Place

To reflect its surroundings, an outdoor lighting design must first absorb them. This approach has characterized the work of Diana Kesselschmidt, who recently transformed Mid-Town Manhattan’s Winter Village at Bryant Park into a glittering gem set harmoniously against a backdrop of bustling city streets crowded with shoppers and towering skyscrapers. The moving power of this […]

Richard Cadena: The Music of Light

Music and lighting, they go together like a hand and a glove. But which is the more important “hand,” and which is the supporting “glove.” Lighting designers and audio engineers may like to discuss (argue) about this issue, but one thing seems pretty indisputable: aside from working beautifully together on the concert stage, music and […]

Rick Fisher: Inevitable Light

Lighting walks a fine line in this Tony Award-winning designer’s creative process. Although never drawing attention to itself, it must always be engaged in shaping the story that unfolds on stage. At its best, he believes, a lighting design should fit the core meaning of a production so naturally, that it seems virtually inevitable. Creating […]