Training & Resources

Light Snacks

Light Snacks: Connecting the W-DMX Micro T-1 TRX G6 to a Maverick Fixture

Light Snacks: IP Power Cable Management

Light Snacks: The onAir Flex Drive 2

Light Snacks: Enabling red shift on Ovation Reve E-3

Light Snacks: Creating Pixel Mapped Looks with Maverick Wash Fixtures

Light Snacks: LED Beam vs Discharge Beam

Light Snacks: Maverick Display Hotkeys

Light Snacks: What Makes Maverick Storm So Lightweight?

Light Snacks: Video Wall Mapping

Light Snacks: How to Find Photometric & Color Rendering Information

Light Snacks: DMX Protocol Over IP

Light Snacks: PWM

Light Snacks: FIRMWARE Updates

Light Snacks: How to Find CRI & TM-30

Light Snacks: Focus Mode Features on Ovation Theatrical Lighting Fixtures

Light Snacks: How to Use the IR Remote with WELL STX

Light Snacks: How to Daisy Chain WELL STX

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: Lighting Broadcasted Performances

Tech Talk: How to Choose Lights for My Church

Tech Talk: The Alphabet Soup of Lighting Certifications

Tech Talk: Wireless Control

Tech Talk: How to Measure Light

Tech Talk: How to Layout a Stage Plot

Tech Talk: Using Color, Angle & Gobos to Recreate Outdoor Scenes Onstage

Tech Talk: Demystifying Lighting Metrics: CRI, TLCI & TM-30

Tech Talk: Adding Texture with Gobos & Effects

Tech Talk: What IP Ratings Mean, Application & Fixture Types

Tech Talk: Worship Lighting—Applying Budget to Your Design

Tech Talk: Maverick Silens 2 Profile - Why Silens?

Tech Talk: Video Dimming & Grayscale Control by CHAUVET Professional

Tech Talk: Moving Head Types & Applications by CHAUVET Professional

Tech Talk: Different Types of Atmospherics & How-To Complete Maintenance

Gleason Performing Arts Center of Florida Tech Goes All LED

Tech Talk: Choosing the Right Light Engine by CHAUVET Professional

Tech Talk: Red Shift by CHAUVET Professional

Tech Talk: Choosing Pixel Mapping Fixtures

Tech Talk: How-To's of Pixel Mapping by CHAUVET Professional

Tech Talk: How to Perform Moving Head Maintenance

Tech Talk: How to set-up Ground Support Kit Part 1

Tech Talk: How to set-up Ground Support Kit Part 2

How-To Setup Maverick Menu Map & Use Preset Sync Functions

How To Tutorials

Field Servicing Permanent Installations

Measurables and Light

Pixel Mapping Your Truss

Creative Use of Gobos

Utilizing Aerial Effects

Audience Blinders

Learning the Ropes

Moving Head Maintenance Basics

Lighting Design - Beginner Tips

Sub Hung Truss Structures

Mastering Color, Part 1

Mastering Color, Part 2

LDs Professional Decorum

Balancing Video & Lighting

Beyond DMX

Environmental Lighting

Dynamic Video Setups

Building Your Own Studio

Loving Lime

Covering The Angles

Layered Effects

Negative Space

Designing for Worship

Church Tech Talk: Moving Heads

Church Tech Talk: Lens Choices

Church Tech Talk: Cycs pars and strips

Church Tech Talk: Fresnel vs Ellipsoidal

Church Tech Talk: Opto Splitters

Church Tech Talk: DMX Cables

Lighting & Programming Control

IP Ratings

Dimming with LED fixtures

Making Useful Color Palettes

Focus Positions - Part 1

Focus Palettes - Part 2

Atypical Fixture Parameters

Playing with focus – gobo morphing

ArtNet Broadcast vs Unicast

Programming Tips and Tricks

Making Effects Beam Palettes

A Designer's Take

Christian Choi - Emmy Nominated LD

The Black Keys on Tour with STRIKE

Behind the scenes with Antic Studios

Muny Theatre Gets $30M Stage Upgrade

Toby Mac Goes Rogue

Counting Crows on Tour with STRIKE

Marc Anthony on Tour

Maverick MK Pyxis with Louis the Child

Soul Beach Music Festival

CHAUVET Professional Showroom

III Points Festival 2016

Steve Lieberman - Ultra Music Festival

Ultra – Backstage with Brad Donaldson

On the Road with Squeek Lights

Resistance Stage by Arcadia Spectacular

Behind the Scenes with All That Remains

Steve Lieberman - ULTRA 2015

PVP S5 Video Wall at WSVN-TV7!

ULTRA 2015 with Steve Lieberman

Ricky Martin Gira Mundial 2014

RICKY MARTIN Rocks the World

Mayweather vs. Maidana Fight

Ultimate Music Experience Unfiltered!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders promo

Pitbull U.S. Tour — Behind the Scenes

Fearless on American Ninja Warrior

Excites at Ultra Music Fest