Steve Lieberman’s Maverick MK3 Wash Wonderland

Magical things often happen at the 11th hour; that sometimes harrowing, mythical time when an unexpected turn of events can demand a sudden change of plans. It is at such moments, when (hopefully) inspiration and resolve kick in, resulting in an outcome that shines all the more brightly because of the circumstances surrounding its creation. […]

I’m With The Band – Niller Bjerregaard and Volbeat

This widely acclaimed Danish designer’s first exposure to metal music came as a youngster when his uncle sent him tapes made by some of the genre’s pioneering bands like Deep Purple. In the following years, Bjerregaard would go on (after an extensive dues-paying process in small clubs!) to become one of metal music’s foremost lighting […]

Circus Lights

It’s inevitable… there’s some clowning around at every job site when a show is being set up or taken down, but it’s nothing quite like what this Mexican designer experiences on a regular basis. For the past eight years, . Abraham De La Cruz Merida has been lighting clowns, acrobats and assorted other performers in […]

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Tristan Mouget and DON’T GIVE UP Help Cabaret Du Bout Des Près Sparkle With CHAUVET Professional

PARIS – Words like “magical” and “enchanting” come up often when travel and entertainment writers, not to mention food critics, describe their experiences at Cabaret Du Bout Des Près. Anyone who’s ever visited this pastorally beautiful 17-hectare site in the Chevreuse Valley would readily agree. Although it’s located only 30 minutes from Paris on a […]