Transforming Space

In the world of television, where success can vanish in the blink of any eye, Wheel of Fortune stands out as a paradigm of longevity. Debuting in Hollywood 46 years ago, the word puzzle quiz show, is the longest-running syndicated series in US history. The Belgian edition Het Rad van Fortuin, has been around almost […]

Livestream Studios Turn 1

Almost as soon as the pandemic lockdowns went into effect, some lighting professionals began converting sections of their warehouses into improvised studio space where they could produce livestreams and videos. Initially, this was done primarily to keep busy, but as time passed these spaces were doing paid projects, primarily musical performances at first, but later […]

Time and Place

Martin Dudley Recalls Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa. The owner of Reading, UK-based Martin’s Lights has acquired a trove of memories in 30 years of touring as a lighting designer and director. Over 50 countries on five continents have been stamped on his passport. Still when asked about his most memorable venue, […]

Hive Inspires with CHAUVET Professional at Winterlicht

DE HAAN, BELGIUM – Even in these times of technological wonders, few things stir the imagination like a lighthouse. Since the era of the ancient Egyptians, these towering structures with their glowing tops have guided mariners through uncertain waters. Perhaps that is why they have become a universal symbol of hope and reassurance. It made […]

PROTONES Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Set Mood For Netflix Special

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Built in 1908, the Laeiszhalle concert hall enchants visitors with its many unique architectural features, such as the towering organ integrated into the back wall of its stage. This made the historic venue an ideal setting for “Hype,” an on-demand Netflix production by and about the award-winning comedian and author Felix Lobrecht. […]