Paragon 360 Transforms Space in Older Church With CHAUVET Professional

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Whitesburg Baptist was at a crossroads last year. Leaders at the 7,000-member church knew that they had to modernize their worship space to create a more engaging environment, one that would support their three different Sunday services while also being more camera friendly for livestreams and broadcasts. The question they faced was […]

Julien Reux – Redefining Space

Lighting transcends time and place. In the age of COVID-19, it also has been called upon to leap over traditional boundaries of space. It’s a concept that Julien Reux has become intimately familiar with since the summer. The owner of ReuxLight in Los Angeles, Reux attracted attention lighting a four-night “virtual tour” for Wallows. Unlike […]

Special Settings

Following COVID-19 safety protocols has often made it necessary for organizers to hold shows in settings that were never intended for such purposes. This, in turn, has required designers to light out-of-the-ordinary settings, such as open 360ﹾ stages. Here’s how two LDs from different parts of the world met this challenge. Victor Ortiz, Darvik Productions […]