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Ola Melzig Accents Linear Space at Eurovision with 524 CHAUVET Professional COLORado PXL Bar 16 Battens

Malmö, Sweden – On December 14th, Eurovision unveiled the theme art for the 2024 edition of its iconic song contest. Called “Eurovision Lights,” the design is based on simple, linear gradients inspired by the vertical lines found on auroras and sound equalizers. The 163-million television viewers who tuned into the Eurovision Song Contest this May […]

Erwin Van Lokeren’s New Looks For Racoon

A lot can happen over two-and-a-half years, especially when you’re an award-winning band that has become a national icon. Following the pandemic, mellow rock masters Racoon embarked on an extensive tour of The Netherlands in support of their album. Being the kind of band that thrives on audience interaction, the quartet performed at a very […]

Ed Warren – Mirror Ball Magic

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. So said the Wicked Queen in the Brothers Grimm classic. But Ed Warren has another place where he prefers to hang mirrors – over the stage or dancefloor. The well-known designer whose client list reads like a Who’s Who of rock and EDM artists has famously included the familiar mirror […]

Disturbed’s Visual Journey

Every song tells a story, but in the case of Disturbed, this “story” is more than just a narrative. Instead, it is more like a journey, one that takes fans through a fierce, primal storm of emotions that, as one critic put it “draws us into a realm where light and darkness collide.” Contributing to […]

Cort Lawrence – Infused Light

Art is always evolving, but at pivotal times in its history something more profound happens. It is at these moments, such as during the Renaissance, when science revolutionized painting and sculpture, that art transcends its traditional boundaries and reaches into new realms of knowledge to infuse itself with more powerful, game-changing ways to touch the […]