Time and Place – Crt Birsa and Pula Arena

People have been coming to Pula Arena to be entertained for a long time… a very long time! Located in the Croatian city of the same name, this majestic venue was built by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. Standing as a symbol of Roman power and engineering skills, the massive structure with its 29.4-meter […]

Improvising Light

Anticipation accounts for 90-perecent of his job as a lighting designer, says Peter L Spadaro III. Good thing too, considering this Nyack, NY based LD’s improvisational approach to design. Working for a diverse range of clients like Stick Figure and Matisyahu, Spadaro busks virtually every show, but that’s just the tip of his creative iceberg. […]

A Treat For European Ears

Some of Europe’s leading concert venues made a significant upgrade during the coronavirus lockdown, and when audiences return, they aren’t going to hear a thing about it. From France to Norway, these sites have enhanced the listening experience by installing our new generation of silent and ultra-quiet fixtures. At the stunning Frank Gehry designed Luis […]

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Seen But Not Heard: Maverick Silens 2 Profile Enhances Experience at Åsane Kulturhus

BERGEN, NORWAY – From the outside, the sleek, new Åsane Kulturhus multi-use civic center projects an image of engineering excellence. This impression is reinforced throughout the spacious structure, including in its 540 square meter Culture Hal where the engineering and design team created pin-drop-perfect acoustics. Audiences attending performances at the hall are able to enjoy […]

CHAUVET Professional Names Jean Lariviere Channel Relationship Manager

SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET Professional has further strengthened its relationship to the lighting designer with the appointment of well-known industry figure, Jean Lariviere, as the company’s Channel Relationship Manager for Concert & Touring/Broadcast. Lariviere joins the company after serving for four years at Elation Professional in International Business Development and more than 25 years deeply […]

Tony Caporale – Validating Light

Like love itself, creativity is one of the most elusive of all human qualities. Difficult to define and impossible to measure, it dwells within the realm of infinite space that resides in each of us. This award-winning Nashville designer never tires of exploring this endless labyrinth, viewing it as a journey of open-ended possibilities and […]

Music and Mavericks

Much of the story of a life can be told in music. The songs that lift the spirit in joy and comfort it in sorrow, resonate through the years that mark our time on earth. Claudio Mazzucchelli was inspired by this great voice to create “Papa Watch My Fly” a livestreamed multi-media operatic work performed […]

Time and Place – Patrick Dierson and Madison Square Garden

This Emmy-nominated designer has worked all over the world, but when ask about his most memorable venue, he doesn’t hesitate. Without question, Madison Square Garden is the place that has burnished itself most indelibly on his heart, mind and creative soul. Part of the reason is personal. A native New York, he has memories of […]