Anatomy of a Rig – Alex Mungal Motionless in White Tour

Fans might have been well advised to wear seatbelts when they packed venues for Motionless in White’s “Touring The End of the World Tour.” Aptly described by one admiring critic as a “torrent of explosive metalcore,” the band’s performance on this 33-city tour, took fans on a wild ride of searingly intense music, dancing, pyro […]

Anatomy of a Rig – Martin Hruška at the O2 Arena Prague

By any measure, the rap show at 20,000-seat O2 Arena Prague was massive. There were over 400 automated lighting fixtures, 48 controlled hoists and a cross scenic piece that weight six tons. Featuring Slovakian rap starts KONTRAFAKT trio Rytmus, Ego and Anis, the show awed the sellout crowd. Stunning patterns of light crisscrossed the arena […]

Celebrating Daddy Yankee

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle,” wrote Walt Whitman. All lightshows are proof of that. But on rare occasions, when the meaning of the moment aligns perfectly with the aesthetics that celebrate it, the “miracle” becomes frozen in time, ensuring that it will always burn brightly in the minds of all who […]

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Patrick Dierson Creates Big Impression at iHeartRadio ALTer EGO with 4Wall & CHAUVET Professional

ANAHEIM – Size matters! Well… not always, especially when it comes to the art of design, where it’s not always the size of a rig, but the way in which it’s deployed that makes the biggest impression. Patrick Dierson provided vivid proof of that at this year’s iHeartRadio ALTer EGO concert. Although a procession of […]