Anatomy of a Rig – Evan Kirkendall and Big Nite DC

The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, about 10 miles south of Washington DC is a perfect site for any event. The carefully manicured grounds are elegant, and guests can gaze out the main ballroom’s 270-degree floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy stunning views of the Potomac River. Small wonder then that the […]

I’m With The Band – Rob Koenig and Metallica

With few exceptions, most notably traditional Chinese culture, the number 6 is not considered particularly lucky. Metallica and Rob Koenig might beg to differ, however. For a time, after Koenig started his tenure with the iconic band, they referred to him as “Number Six,” a name chosen because he was their sixth LD in 2008. […]

Andrew Cass – Shining Brightly Closer to the Sun

As a rule, Andrew Cass prefers to stay away from having a single massive video wall behind the band, but like all rules, this one can be bent, especially in the interest of collaboration. Such was the case in December when Cass served as lighting designer and programmer for Closer to the Sun, the annual […]

Felix Peralta – Lyrical Light

Does a lighting designer need to have a musical background to create an evocative show?  This Emmy winning Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based LD says it isn’t absolutely necessary, but allows that one way or another, musicality and rhythm must find a way to run through the heart and soul of every memorable lighting design. A former […]


Circus Knie Creates Magic With CHAUVET Professional

RAPPERSWIL, SWITZERLAND – A circus is magic. How else to explain how, in a single afternoon, it can turn even the most serious adult into a child, eyes wide open with wonder, marveling at acts that turn reality on its head. Circus Knie, one of Europe’s oldest and among the world’s most famous circuses has […]