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Temperature Control! New Ovation E-930VW Variable White Ellipsoidal From CHAUVET Professional

SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET Professional has introduced its first variable white LED ellipsoidal fixture, the Ovation E-930VW. Featuring a groundbreaking and unique 6-color LED system, the new fixture can perfectly match ambient natural light at different times a day, making it ideal for broadcast applications that are exposed to sunlight. With color temperature presets from […]

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Library Of Congress Glows Bright White With CHAUVET Professional

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Critics have rightly hailed the US Library of Congress’ Great Hall as a monumental triumph of architecture. Effortlessly balancing form and function within its spacious confines, the two-story room alternately awes and inspires with its towering Corinthian columns, Romanesque arches, double staircase and a gold-ornamented ceiling that exudes the unbridled optimism of […]


Mike Grabowski Debuts Maverick MK Pyxis On MTV’s TRL

NEW YORK, NY – When MTV’s iconic TRL returned to the air on October 2, after a nine-year hiatus, it represented a homecoming of sorts for Mike Grabowski of the Lighting Design Group. Having worked on the star-studded program in the final years of its original run, Grabowski was familiar with the challenges of lighting […]

Alex Kay’s Atmospheric Ride

His lightshows for the likes of Machine Gun Kelly are scorching and intense, but when it comes to accenting those lightning bolt beams with fog, Alex Kelly takes a carefully measured balanced approach. Sure, there are volcanic bursts of brightly colored fog from the Vesuvio RGBA machines that invariably find their way on to his […]