SUNRISE, FL – (For Immediate Release) — THE NEXT STEP FORWARD IS onAIR is an immersive Global Digital Premiere site presenting virtual demos of the new IP65 and broadcast technologies from CHAUVET Professional.   Showcasing products that are uniquely suited to shatter design barriers come rain, dust, heat, or snow, The Next Step Forward IS […]

Time and Place – Steve Richardson and St. Michael’s Cave

More than 15,000 years ago, Neolithic visitors braved the harsh unforgiving interior of what is now known as St. Michael’s Cave, Gibraltar to draw charcoal images of an ibex on its limestone walls. Though they left no record of their endeavor, it’s easy for Full Production’s Steve Richardson to imagine the hardship, determination and pride […]

Repeat and Renew With Chip Self

El Monstero, a Pink Floyd tribute show formed by former members of the Top 40 band Stir has been a holiday tradition in St. Louis since 1999, selling out seven or eight shows in and around the city every December. Many of those fans filling the seats, return every year. They never see the same […]

STRIKE Array Tours With Pitbull

In the “About” section of its Facebook page, YC3 Lighting Design has a single declarative sentence: Being ecologically aware and cost-efficient has become an integral part of good design. A noble-sounding phrase? Sure, but for this innovative family-run design firm, it’s also a deeply held belief that shapes its way of doing business. An example […]

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NASHVILLE — Head on Collision was not one of New Found Glory’s bigger hits, but the 2002 song lives on today, at least indirectly. A year after the hard-driving metal track was released, a line from its chorus inspired the name of what would become one of this era’s most popular and influential bands, All […]