From collaborating on Billie Eilish’s “Where Do We Go” livestream concert in November, to working on the Tennessee Titan’s NFL playoff halftime show, this Nashville designer relentlessly pushes the creative process. Discussing his work for his Grammy winning client and other artists, he shares his thoughts on how he validates his vision through design.

Theatres are on the verge of reopening in many markets. As they do, what can lighting designers expect when they return to work? For insights into this and other questions, we spoke to Tony Award winner Jeff Crotier, Olivier Award winner Paul Pyant, and other stage lighting professionals in the US and UK.

It is one of the most famous arenas in the world. For Patrick Dierson, it’s also a trove of memories from growing up in New York. The Emmy Award nominated designer tells us why Madison Square Garden occupies such a special place in his heart.

What better way to recall the powerful emotional currents that shape a life than with music? Claudio Mazzucchelli was inspired by this to create “Papa Watch My Fly,” a livestreamed multi-media operatic work that tells the story of his 54-year relationship with his father. Enhancing the production was an evocative lighting design by Nicolò Damiani that featured 26 Maverick MK2 Wash and 18 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures.

Take a look at the new Maverick Force, our new series of compact, high output LED movers that are redefining the size/power equation. They’re bright enough for stadiums, versatile enough for broadcasts, and small enough to handle and hang with ease!