In his shows for multi Grammy winners Black Keys and other headliner clients, the Kansas City-based designer has created everything from subtle retro looks to massive walls of light. Each of his designs, though, emanates from a single source: the music. He talks about the connection between sound and light.

Built by the Romans, this ancient venue has been hosting audiences for over 2,000 years. Slovenian designer Crt Birsa of Blackout Lighting Design describes how the combination of history, scenery and indefinable magic make Pula Arena an unforgettable place to work, in this issue of Time and Place.

Spontaneity, and he doesn’t just mean busking, is a key to a powerful lighting design, believes Peter L Spadaro III. Working for a diverse range of clients, including Stick Figure and Matisyahu, the Nyack, NY based designer, describes how making last-minutes adjustments keeps his work fresh.

When they return to their favorite concert halls, some European fans might not be able to believe their ears. We look at three European venues that have upgraded their acoustics through light by installing our silent and ultra-quiet fixtures during the lockdown.

Step into the best of both worlds with Ovation Rêve E-3: the brightest multi-color ellipsoidal, capable of producing a wide range of luscious colors and perfectly tunable whites with +/- green adjustments. It's a new kind of epic story-telling machine that fuses the best of both worlds into one totally reimagined LED light source. Coming soon..