James Baker Captures Magic of Pippin With CHAUVET Professional

OAKMONT, PA – (For Immediate Release) — Reality and fantasy often work wonders on stage when they’re allowed to flow freely together. Pippin provides delightfully entertaining proof of that. The emperor Charlemagne did indeed have a son named Pippin (actually “Pepin”) — and the struggles of the young protagonist to find meaning in his life […]

Stark Raving Solutions Holistic Upgrade With CHAUVET Professional at Marysville Christian Fellowship

MARYSVILLE, KS – Creating a more camera-friendly stage became a pressing need for many churches during the pandemic, as they turned to livestream services to reach worshippers during lockdowns. Marysville Christian Fellowship was no exception to this rule. Not surprisingly, this dynamic, small church, which serves a rural community in northeast Kansas, also shared something […]

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Seen But Not Heard: Maverick Silens 2 Profile Enhances Experience at Åsane Kulturhus

BERGEN, NORWAY – From the outside, the sleek, new Åsane Kulturhus multi-use civic center projects an image of engineering excellence. This impression is reinforced throughout the spacious structure, including in its 540 square meter Culture Hal where the engineering and design team created pin-drop-perfect acoustics. Audiences attending performances at the hall are able to enjoy […]

CHAUVET Professional Lights Dreams At Cultuurcentrum Maskerade

MATER, BELGIUM – Although he was in the clothing business, Luc Provost always wanted to own a theatre. Not long ago, fate gave him a reason to turn this aspiration into reality, when he acquired 10,000 pieces of theatrical costumes from a Dutch company. Looking for a place to store his newfound collection of clothing, […]

Die Glocke Enhances Lighting System With CHAUVET Professional

BREMEN, GERMANY – Critics rarely review a concert at Die Glocke without commenting on the exquisite acoustics of the historic venue. The meticulously detailed space inside the Walter Görig-designed building reflects sound with such clarity and purity that leading artists have sought it out for their performances. Even the legendary conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic […]