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Tristan Mouget and DON’T GIVE UP Help Cabaret Du Bout Des Près Sparkle With CHAUVET Professional

PARIS – Words like “magical” and “enchanting” come up often when travel and entertainment writers, not to mention food critics, describe their experiences at Cabaret Du Bout Des Près. Anyone who’s ever visited this pastorally beautiful 17-hectare site in the Chevreuse Valley would readily agree. Although it’s located only 30 minutes from Paris on a […]

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Jeff Croiter Reflects Black No More in Color With CHAUVET Professional

NEW YORK – Designed by the acclaimed Frank Gehry, the architect responsible for the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan and Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, among other celebrated structures, the Pershing Square Signature Center is a theatrical jewel. Comprised of three performance spaces, it affords every advantage to directors, performers, and other creatives… including lighting designers. […]