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The Complexities of Color

Theatrical lighting designers have never had more power to choose colors, even to the point of subtly changing hues on the fly during a show. However, with this capability comes a responsibility says Cory Pattak, the host of the popular design focused podcast “in 1: the podcast.” Now that they are freed from the task […]


Zach Blane Evokes Emotion For Gypsy With CHAUVET Professional

DENNIS, MA – Theatre goers tend to arrive early at The Cape Playhouse, if for no other reason than to absorb the sense of history that permeates this timeless clapboard structure nestled on 26 acres off Cape Cod Bay. America’s oldest continuously running summer theatre, the building has been hosting plays since 1927. Henry Fonda […]

Teatro del Bicentenario Gets Flexible With CHAUVET Professional

SAN JUAN ARGENTINA – Since its debut in Saint Petersburg on Sunday, December 18, 1892, The Nutcracker has warmed hearts on cold winter nights, even when that “winter” is in the Southern Hemisphere and comes between June and August. Such was the case recently in San Juan, a cosmopolitan provincial capital in western Argentina, where […]