Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Gets High-Flying Looks With CHAUVET Professional

BOURNEMOUTH, UK – Based on the Ian Fleming novel of the same name, the 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was an instant cinema hit worldwide. As much as Roald Dahl’s ingenious screenplay and Dick Van Dyke’s brilliant on-screen performance may have added to the film’s credibility, it’s ultimately the film’s central protagonist – […]

CHAUVET Professional Ovation Provides Theatrical Looks at Colombia’s University of Atlántico

BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA – With 12,248 students and 656 full-time professors, the University of Atlántico is the largest higher education institution in Columbia. As part of a recent move to transform the University’s multipurpose auditorium into a full-fledged theatre for its students, local AV specialists Schallertech provided a versatile lighting arrangement, specifying a number of CHAUVET […]

Cory Pattak Has Fun Lighting Xanadu With CHAUVET Professional

ITHACA, NY – Ancient Athens may be separated from modern Venice Beach, CA by 6,900 miles and 2,400 hundred years, give or take a century or two, but that didn’t stop these two very divergent places from melding together on stage in the Jeff Lynne, John Farrar Tony-nominated musical comedy Xanadu. Inspired by the 1980 […]

CHAUVET Professional Establishes Demo/Education Center At The Davenport Theatre

NEW YORK – CHAUVET Professional has entered into an agreement with the Davenport Theatre to create a product demo and education center in Manhattan. The company will be using the theatre, which is outfitted completely with CHAUVET Professional fixtures, to conduct educational events as well as product demos and training sessions. “CHAUVET Professional has enjoyed […]

Loughborough Town Hall Increases Diversity With CHAUVET Professional

LOUGHBOROUGH, UK – An Elvis tribute one week, an appearance by the Russian National Ballet the next, followed by a comedy show after that. Although Loughborough is a small town, its 58,000 residents never want for entertainment options, thanks to their thriving entertainment center. Built in 1855 as a corn exchange, the stately structure has […]

Lee Curran Bends Reality In Woyzeck With CHAUVET Professional

BIRMINGHAM, UK – From its very creation, Woyzeck has defied easy categorization. The great German dramatist Georg Büchner died before he finished this woeful tale of a soldier returning home from war to an uncertain life, leaving the play, like a work of timeless jazz, open to endless interpretations by future writers who would “complete” […]

CHAUVET Professional Rig Reflects Passion For Bama Theatre

TUSCALOOSA, AL –  In every city there is a building that seems to occupy a special place in the hearts of local residents. For many in Tuscaloosa, that honor belongs to the three-story brick and limestone structure on the corner of Sixth Street and Greensboro Avenue that houses the Bama Theatre. A Depression-era public works […]