Maverick sets your imagination free with the latest technological advances in optics, light sources, and control options. Maverick, tour-grade moving heads shatter budget ceilings with the most powerful creative artillery including massively bright output, high quality of light, seamless color-mixing, quiet operation, and a killer effects engine that answers the call of the largest, multi-faceted productions.

Maverick Force

Lightweight, tour-grade, moving heads with a big presence.
Feature Comparison

Maverick Silens

The quietest LED moving head ever released.

Maverick MK

Best-in-class entertainment lighting solutions.

Maverick Storm

Powerful, IP65-rated, LED moving heads that can withstand even the harshest of elements.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Blue Audio Ensures Bright Future For Resonate Music Conference With Chauvet Professional Maverick
Morris Integration Revitalizes Shiloh Churchs Lighting With Chauvet Professional
Tom Willis Calls On Chauvet Professional To Accent Emotions Of Les Miserables
Washingtons Ravens Night Masquerade Ball Moves In Step With Chauvet Professional
Chauvet Professional Maverick Mk2 Spot Delivers Retro Visuals For La Vie Est Brel
Herrick Goldman Reflects Magic Of Tinga Tinga Tales With Help From Chauvet Professional
Today Show Adds Chauvet Professional Maverick Mk2 Spot To Morning Rig
Zak Nicholson Creates Intimate Atmosphere For Paul Carrack Tour With Chauvet Professional
Cory Pattak Has Fun Lighting Xanadu With Chauvet Professional Maverick
Jdi Productions Creates Engagement For Wu Tang Clan With Chauvet Professional
Lets Dance Gets New Moves With Chauvet Professional
Arf Yes Reflects The Many Sides Of The Voice With Versatile Chauvet Professional Fixtures
Chauvet Professional Mavericks Add Versatility To Old Log Theatre
Crs Creates Stage Of Epic Proportions With Chauvet Professional
Jason Blends Rig Flows At New York Fair With Chauvet Professional Maverick Mk2 Profile
Butch Allen Gives 98 Degrees Tour Big Looks With Maverick Mk2 Wash
Csd Group Uses Chauvet Professional Moving Fixtures To Create Versatile Lighting At Harris Creek Church
Lee Curran Bends Reality In Woyzeck With Chauvet Professional Maverick
Zach Blane Lights The Heart Of My Names Not Indian Joe With Chauvet Professional Maverick
Max Lenox Gets Diverse For Kaleo At Red Rocks With Chauvet Professional
Painting With Light Collaborates With Chauvet Professional On Niels Wiels Tour
Romeo Santos Tour Transformed By 117 Maverick Mk3 Wash Fixtures
Chip Self Keeps El Monstero Fresh With New Chauvet Professional Maverick Pyxis
Little Dragon Roars With Pyxis
Maverick Mk Pyxis Tours With Louis The Child
Mike Grabowski Debuts Maverick Mk Pyxis On Mtvs Trl
Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash And Lps Production Impress At Wodapalooza