Chameleon Touring Systems Balances Old And New At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week With CHAUVET Professional

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Completed in 1862, Queensland’s stately Old Government House doesn’t exactly conjure up images of trendy fashions. But the neoclassical building, with its sandstone façade and architectural flourishes, provided a dramatic backdrop for the sleek luxury cars and chic couture from hot designers like Camilla, Ginger & Smart, Dion Lee and Alice McCall […]

CHAUVET Professional Rounds Out WFX Learning Sessions With Panel Discussion

ORLANDO – CHAUVET Professional will be completing its two days of lighting education sessions at WFX with a panel discussion featuring leading house of worship Technical Directors and LDs. Moderated by noted production designer Daniel Connell, the session, which is entitled “Panel Leadership Session on Maximizing Design Elements,” will take place at WFX Demo Room […]

Oliver Wilkinson Stylizes Lighting At Dance Event With CHAUVET Professional

BLACKPOOL, UK– Some things in this world succeed in being passed down from generation to generation, always retaining an air of timelessness for posterity. For the last 93 years, the Blackpool Dance Festival competition – the most globally acclaimed international bastion of ballroom dancing – has ensured that the genre continues to have a relevant […]

Daryl Sutton and Daniel Connell To Exchange Lighting Perspectives At WFX

ORLANDO – Installing a new lighting rig at a church, or expanding an old one, can involve some twists and turns. Daryl Sutton and Daniel Connell, two highly regarded worship lighting figures, help demystify this process in a WFX learning session entitled, “Lighting Perspectives: An Idea Exchange on Making Lighting Decisions.” Sponsored by CHAUVET Professional, […]

Daniel Connell To Conduct WFX Lighting Session Sponsored By CHAUVET Professional

ORLANDO – More churches are reaching a greater level of engagement with worshippers by adding theatrical production elements to services. Although incorporating theatrical design concepts can be a powerful tool for the house of worship, it can also raise more questions than answers. Well-known lighting designer Daniel Connell offers practical advice on steps a house […]