CHAUVET Professional and Squeek Lights Help Joshua Schultz Set Tone for Turnpike Troubadours at Beacon

NEW YORK –  Joshua Schultz admits it; at first, he wasn’t overly enthused about lighting a show against a large, deeply rippled curtain background for his client, Turnpike Troubadours when they performed at the historic Beacon Theatre. That quickly changed, however, when he saw how this billowy background played off against light. “I was skeptical, […]


Cameras Love The New CHAUVET Professional REM Series

DAVIE, FL – The new CHAUVET Professional REM series of LED video panels is the ultimate in camera-friendliness, both in terms of the images it displays, and in the way those images are picked up by cameras for broadcast, livestream, and virtual/augmented reality productions. Featuring two panels, the 1.9mm REM 1, and the 3.9mm pixel […]