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Tristan Mouget and DON’T GIVE UP Help Cabaret Du Bout Des Près Sparkle With CHAUVET Professional

PARIS – Words like “magical” and “enchanting” come up often when travel and entertainment writers, not to mention food critics, describe their experiences at Cabaret Du Bout Des Près. Anyone who’s ever visited this pastorally beautiful 17-hectare site in the Chevreuse Valley would readily agree. Although it’s located only 30 minutes from Paris on a […]

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Hibino Lighting Adds Versatility to Tokyo’s R3 Club Lounge with CHAUVET Professional

TOKYO – Building on the success of the legendary R2 Supperclub in Tokyo’s lively Ropponghi district, the venue’s owners have expanded their hospitality portfolio with the launch of the R3 Club Lounge, a colorful, gorgeously appointed “hybrid venue” that combines trendy dining with a red hot DJ-driven nightclub experience. Designed to offer incredible spatial diversity, […]