Rogue Warriors


Bryan Hairston Goes Rogue For The Church

WASHINGTON, DC – Australian rock band The Church has been captivating music aficionados with their ethereal, trippy songs for almost four decades. Their seminal hit “Under the Milky Way” from their Starfish album still resonates today, transporting audiences to a mystic space of lucid dreaming with its moody melody and poetic lyrics. To celebrate the […]


Fireplay’s Nick Whitehouse And Dom Smith Power Jason Aldean Ride All Night Tour With CHAUVET Professional

NASHVILLE – From the moment it begins, with the thunderous guitar riff from his chart-topping hit “Take A Little Ride” reverberating through the house, Jason Aldean’s Ride All Night tour immerses fans in what can best be described as a theatrical experience. As the initial music builds, a larger-than-life silhouetted figure of the star appears […]