Tech Talk Video Offers First Look at Maverick Silens 2 Profile

Posted on June 17, 2020

SUNRISE, FL – CHAUVET Professional will offer the first look at (and listen to) its widely anticipated Maverick Silens 2 Profile in a Tech Talk interactive livestream on Thursday June 18 at 2 PM EST (19HR BST). Viewers won’t believe their eyes or ears when this powerful 100-percent convection cooled 560W fixture shows what it’s capable of doing on this program, which will be streamed on YouTube Live and IGTV.

Hosted by CHAUVET Professional Global Brand Manager Caroline Chauvet and Product Manager Ben Dickmann, the program will review the key features of this unique fanless fixture as it runs silently “from curtain to camera.”

Following the main program, Dickmann will be answering live questions about this silent powerhouse, providing an under-the-hood look at its outstanding performance features like a four-blade framing shutter system with rotation, color wheel, animation wheel, 10:1 zoom, prism, two frosts, static and rotating gobo wheels, and 16-bit dimming with selectable red shift — as well as its impressive CMY+CTO color mixing with high CRI, R9, CQS, and TLCI all between 91 and 97.

Designers working in theatre, broadcast and recital hall environments have long wanted a silent profile fixture. Today, with the growing importance of livestream shows, the desire for such a fixture has become even greater. All of which will make this Tech Talk, on the Maverick Silens 2 Profile “must watch” viewing.