CHAUVET Professional Explores New Worlds at CUE Rotterdam

Posted on January 9, 2024

ROTTERDAM – CHAUVET Professional and ChamSys continue to “Reach Across Worlds” in 2024, with a CUE Rotterdam exhibit that defies so-called “realistic” expectations to push theatre, event and touring design to new, unexpected places.

Visitors to booth 1.521 at Ahoy Rotterdam from 15-17 January, will have the opportunity to experience firsthand lighting and control products that bridge the real and digital worlds. These versatile innovations will aid lighting professionals in creating conventional designs, in addition to helping them explore new ideas in the world of AI, VR, and AR productions.

Among the showcased products ready to contribute to convergent designs is the COLORado PXL Curve 12, a fully pixel-mappable motorized IP65-rated RGBW LED batten with individual control of zoom, tilt, and color across twelve independent heads. Its seamless edge-to-edge mounting maintains a consistent pixel pitch throughout a line of fixtures resulting in stunning, convention-defying shapes, while its pixel mapping capabilities allow it to work in sync with video displays.

Creating a homogenous field of colored light with an ample reach whilst still maintaining a low fixture profile is essential to creating an engaging realistic environment on stage and in the studio. CUE Rotterdam visitors will appreciate how the Ovation CYC 3 FC does precisely this in unprecedented fashion. Completely fanless, this sleek low profile RGBAL fixture, blends discretely into sets without making a sound.

As silence is indeed critical to creating immersive theatre, film and studio applications, CUE Rotterdam visitors will also appreciate CHAUVET Professional’s Reve E3IP, Reve P3IP and Reve F3IP fixtures. These boundary-breaking bright, full spectrum fixtures are capable of creating everything from focused beam to broad coverage, all while operation in virtual silence.

Also making a bold statement at CUE Rotterdam without a sound being heard will be the Maverick Silens 2 Profile, a completely fanless 560W fixture that is the quietest moving head ever released for theatre and studio applications. Joining this fixture at the show will be the STRIKE Array family of fixtures.

Pushing boundaries in the realm of video is the REM series of “must be seen to be believed” video panels. Featuring two products: the cinema-grade REM 1, an 800 NITS indoor panel with a 1.9 mm pitch, and REM 3IP, a 3.9mm pitch all weather panel. Both products offer a high-speed 7680 Hz refresh rate making them ideal for broadcast applications. An extremely wide color palette in both panels opens unlimited creative possibilities. The two panels feature NovaStar Armor A10 Pro processors run on the NovaStar COEX VMP platform. These and other features result in very high-quality signal processing for VR/XR applications.

The ChamSys consoles displayed at the booth, including the MagicQ MQ250M and MagicQ MQ70, provide intuitive, user-friendly solutions for running these advanced lighting solutions. Maximizing the benefits of these ChamSys consoles is GeNetix family of networking solutions, which will be introduced at the show.

Luc Buytaert of ChamSys will be at CUE Rotterdam on both days to conduct educational sessions. These learning programs are schedule as follows:
Introduction to QuickQ 10:30-11:30
Introduction to MagicQ 11:30-12:30
User Meeting with Q&A 13:30-14:30
Introduction to QuickQ 14:30-15:30
Introduction to MagicQ 15:30-16:30

Everyone is invited to attend these sessions and tour the CHAUVET Professional and ChamSys booth to experience products and concepts that are ready to help them “Reach Across Worlds!”