Flash Forward: Strike Series Strobes

Posted on February 5, 2014

Not many special effects have been around as long as the strobe light – its rhythmic flashing has been a mainstay in light shows for nearly half a century! We felt it was time to give this lighting icon a serious update, so we married the trusty strobe with LED technology — and voilà – our new Strike series strobe lights were born. Definitely not your father’s strobe, our LED-driven Strike models are much more powerful, versatile, energy efficient and – well – groovy than anyone could have imagined back in the day of flower power and love beads. 

The Strike Series takes advantage of the fact that LEDs are a perfect fit for the on-off pattern of strobing, because they too are an “all or nothing” light source. But there wasn’t really an affordable LED strobe on the market with  a powerful output at a wide beam angle of 120 degrees until the arrival of our two Strike Series models:  Strike 324 and Strike 882.  Powered by 324 and 882 white SMD LEDs respectively, the fixtures combine a brawny output with rugged, roadworthy die-cast housing to create an intense strobe light that’s ideal for touring and production. Designed to fit into a variety of rigs and venues, the Strike 324 is configured like a low-profile par, while the Strike 882 has a rectangular panel shape. The Strike 324 emits 206 lux at 5 meters, and the beefier Strike 882 revs it up to 664 lux at 5 meters – all while consuming substantial less electricity than conventional strobe lights of comparable output.

But power and energy efficiency aren’t the only advantage our Strike models offer over traditional strobes.  They also feature independent LED zone control: Strike 324 has 8-segment control, and Strike 882 offers 6 segment control.  This allows you to design stunning effects into your strobe lightshow. You can even combine pixel control with special effects macros for a truly electrifying visual impact.

More than just “strobes on steroids,” the Strike 324 and Strike 882 are also very versatile lights that can be used for multi purposes.  They offer the flexibility to do double-duty as floodlights, thanks to an innovative All-On feature. The panel-shaped Strike 882 can even serve a third function as an audience blinder. Conventional strobes never gave users such multi-functionality – or value.

Both CE approved, the Strike 324 and Strike 882 were designed for ease-of-use, with multiple DMX control modes available.  Each unit is power linkable with like models, and they can also be linked to one another, allowing you to configure the par-shaped Strike 324 and panel-shaped Strike 882 together to create more interesting designs. Both models include 3- and 5-pin DMX connections and Neutrik powerCON in/out, and they feature silent, fan-free operation that makes them ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.