Expanding Pixel Possibilities – Meet the NXT-1 Moving Head

Posted on August 4, 2014

True to its name, The NEXT NXT-1 moving head LED display from CHAUVET Professional will take any production to The NEXT level of visual ecstasy. A pixel-mapping panel with 25 Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, The NEXT NXT-1 combines fast pan/tilt movement with a tight 6° beam angle to create brilliant in-motion “eye candy” displays that will mesmerize audiences at concerts, festivals and live productions of all types.

The NEXT NXT-1 is powered by high-performance 4-in-1 (red, green, blue, white) Osram LEDs, configured in 5 rows of 5, which produce a monstrous 22,780 lux at 5 meters. This ultra-bright output allows its sharp pixel-mapped images to cut through haze and washes on stage and — combined with its extremely narrow beam angle — deliver maximum punch at long throws, when used as an LED wash, making it ideal for concert/touring applications.

With its ultra-fast 540° pan and 270° tilt movement, The NEXT NXT-1 won’t have any problem keeping up with other moving head fixtures on the rig, either. Its lightweight housing –each unit weighs just 30.6 pounds/13.9 kg – helps to enhance its speed.


Although capable of wowing crowds with stunning, professional pixel-mapped displays, The NEXT NXT-1 was engineered to make the programming process fast and easy for users of all technical skill levels. The panel is equipped with a groundbreaking “virtual-gobo wheel” stocked with static patterns and alpha-numeric characters, allowing designers to create text displays and eye-popping effects quickly and effortlessly.

For more elaborate and customized programming, The NEXT NXT-1 offers versatile control protocols:   Art-Net (106- or 119-channel), Kling-Net, and DMX (10-, 13-, 23-, 106- or 119-channel).   Even when creating custom designs, pixel-mapping can be done with exceptional ease by using ArKaos MediaMaster Express Kling-Net software (sold separately), which guides users through the programming process with an intuitive interface that is simple to operate.

“If you’re looking for a pixel-mapping panel that will add eye candy and really make your tour or production stand out, The NEXT NXT-1 is your hands-down solution,” said Anthony Chiappone, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional.  “It’s a very high-impact visual effect with 25 10-watt RGBW LEDs that produce brilliant multi-color graphics, and an intense  narrow beam angle that was designed for long throws in concert-type settings.  As a moving head panel, its breakneck pan/tilt speed can keep pace with all your other moving yoke fixtures.


“Plus, not only can you use Art-Net and Kling-Net to make incredible pixel designs, but the virtual-gobo wheel feature allows you to access both static and kinetic patterns, and index them just like regular gobos in a moving head.  This makes it incredibly easy to build really dynamic shows on-the-fly.  It’s innovative features like this that really set The NEXT NXT-1 apart.”

Featuring a 48 mm pixel pitch, The NEXT NXT-1 has a color temperature range of 2,800°K-10,000K° and includes a variable strobe effect. Each panel measures 11.3 x 14.7 x 17.9 inches (287.6 x 374.6 x 456.5 mm), and weighs 30.6 pounds (13.9 kg).

The NEXT NXT-1 features multi-voltage operation: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.  It comes with industry-standard Neutrik powerCON and etherCON connectors for power and data linking. Up to 3 units can be power linked @ 120V, 6 units @ 208V, and 7 units @ 230V.  The panel can be controlled with either lighting consoles or media servers, providing the ultimate in flexible control integration options.