CHAUVET Professional Launches Thought Leader Connect, A New Worship Tech Resource

Posted on June 15, 2021

SUNRISE, FL   No one is an island. Anyone involved in worship technology appreciates the wisdom of this age-old adage. Sharing tips and ideas has been invaluable in aiding the development of those involved in using tech tools to enhance worship environments every week.

In the past, however, many worship tech professionals and volunteers have been unable to take full advantage of such networking and mentoring opportunities due to limitations on their time or  travel budgets.

This is why CHAUVET Professional has launched Thought Leader Connect. Blending a strong sense of community with the power of digital technology, the new program provides house of worship tech directors, production directors, designers and volunteers with an online resource for exchanging ideas and participating in monthly mentoring programs.

“We believe that all of us grow when we share our experiences and knowledge,” said Daryl Sutton, National Worship Resource Manager of CHAUVET Professional . “This is the inspiration behind Thought Leader Connect.  All too often, members of our community have only limited options to connect to their colleagues. Our goal is to change that through this online platform.”

Daryl Sutton, National Worship Resource Manager

A key part of Thought Leader Connect is its small group Mentor Circles.  Meeting monthly for six months, these groups will feature mentoring on various worship tech topics along with discussions.

The Mentor Circles will be moderated by leaders from within the worship tech community, including Andy Bentley of Elevation Church, Daniel Page of Fellowship Church, Griffin McCravy of Church of the Highlands,  Pete Wright of Sun Grove Church and other thought leaders.

Although led by different individuals, each of the circles will cover the same topic every month. This will help to limit the number of participants in each group in order to stimulate more engaging dialogues, while maintaining a cohesive conversation throughout the platform.

In addition to its monthly Mentor Circles, Thought Leader Connect will feature an app that will allow 24/7 access to an exclusive platform. Members can visit this platform to exchange ideas and ask questions. Plans also call for virtual calls throughout the entire TLC community and special events for members.

“We’re very excited about the possibilities that Thought Leader Connect holds for greater communication within our community,” said Sutton. “This program is open to anyone in the worship tech community, whether they’re a professional or volunteer.”

Anyone wishing to become part of Thought Leader Connect, can simply click the link