Gabriel Loera Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Colorize Worship Conference

Posted on May 18, 2021
SouthwestYouthConference 3

ODESSA, TX – Many designers shy away from the color green. Gabriel Loera is not one of them. The technical director of Life Challenge church, he normally doesn’t use very many emerald hues during regular Sunday services, but when headline singer David Jennings asked for the color to light a song during the church’s Southwest Youth Conference in April, Loera was more than ready to oblige.

“David explained that he wanted green to convey a sense of activation, or a ‘Go’ look,” said Loera. “He also happened to be wearing a dark green suit as well. I know that some designers aren’t fans of green, but I’ve used it without hesitation. I like to reflect different moods by calling on a wide variety of colors.”

A reason for his confidence, says Loera, can be found in the color rendering capabilities of this rig, which included CHAUVET Professional Ovation F-915FC Fresnels, Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals and COLORado 1 Solo fixtures.

“We were able to utilize the amazing color adjustments between the F-915FC, E-910FC, and COLORados to create a deeper green rather than a bright, highlighter looking green,” he explained. I think that’s what allowed the green to pop like it did and give its full effect.”

Xavier Trevino, the LD and programmer for the event, positioned eight Ovation E-910FC with 19ﹾ lens tubes downstage to provide a full background color wash during the preservice period, and then had them key light the band once the music started. Since Jennings’ performance was recorded on video, delivering impeccable, camera-friendly key lighting was critical.

“We were able to utilize the full range of color aspect of the fixtures; and also color match to the key lighting from our E-260WW warm white ellipsoidals to provide seamless light for the recording,” he detailed. “For added color, the COLORados were hung downstage on the back wall. They provided all of the colored back wash for the band and singers.

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“Color immersion was critical for this event and the recording,” continued Loera. “When we weren’t lighting David’s performance in green, we kept with the main theme of warm gold tones throughout the worship sets. And true to our design, we utilized and matched our Maverick MK1 Spots and F-915FC crowd washes to captivate the audience into the worship experience. This made them feel like a part of what is happening on stage and allowed them to connect at a deeper level.”

A two-day event featuring worship, fellowship and music , the Southwest Youth Conference brimmed with energy and enthusiasm. To reflect the spirit of the occasion, Loera introduced extra entertainment to his lighting design.

“We pushed things a little more for this event,” he said. “This was the first time we ever used haze in our building. So, it was different from our normal Sunday services.”

Different? Maybe, but at least one thing about the church’s lighting was the same for this event as it is every Sunday: the engaging worship environment Gabriel Loera creates with vivid colors — even green.