CHAUVET Professional Bridges Worlds at ISE

Posted on January 31, 2024

BARCELONA – ISE has a new home for its 20th anniversary 2024 show, as it moves for the first time to the just-expanded Gran Via Fira de Barcelona. Although ISE has been held at the Fira for the past three years, this is the first time, there is a Lighting and Staging Hall in Hall 1. Designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Toyo Ito, the remodeled venue is one of the most futuristic exhibition halls in the world. As such, it provides a fitting setting for CHAUVET Professional to showcase its array of new products at ISE 2024.

CHAUVET Professional will be sharing a bold look into a future of limitless opportunities with visitors to booth 1E350. True to its declared commitment to “Reach Across Worlds in 2024,” the company will be highlighting products and technologies that go beyond innovation to create a convergence of the real and digital. In the process, the company is redefining “realistic” expectations to push lighting and video design to new, unexpected places.

Providing the intensity to join worlds is an impressive collection of new products in CHAUVET Professional’s widely acclaimed STRIKE series, which will be on display at the company’s stand. Among these are the STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C, IP65 rated versatile RGBA-WW blinder-strobe-audience lights. Both units open the door to an abundance of design possibilities with their full-color pods (four in the larger unit, and two in the smaller one) that can be independently focused.

The STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C both feature industry standard-setting low end dimming capabilities as well as a red shift function that warms the color temperature of the light as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten look. The variable PWM and high CRI, of both units make them the ideal for broadcast applications. Both units also have a proprietary tool-free interlocking system that allows them to be interconnect in the kind of multiple configurations that are  so important to live and VR productions.

Another fixture sure to make an impression at the booth is the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash, which features with two zones of zoom control. Both zones independently zoom from 4.6° to 53.6° making it possible to have beam and wash combinations in a single fixture. A 16-lens outer zone and 12-lens inner zone combine to deliver a massive 19,062 lumens of output from 28 45-watt RGBW LEDs.

Since silence is indeed critical to creating immersive environments where the real and digital meet, CHAUVET Professional’s Reve E3IP, Reve P3IP and Reve F3IP fixtures will receive a great deal of attention at ISE. These boundary-breaking, bright, full spectrum fixtures are capable of creating everything from focused beams to broad coverages, all while operation in virtual silence.

The ChamSys consoles displayed at the booth, include the MagicQ MQ250M and MagicQ MQ70, both of which provide intuitive, user-friendly solutions for running these advanced lighting solutions. Maximizing the benefits of these ChamSys consoles is the GeNetix family of networking solutions, which will be introduced at the show.

Everyone who visits ISE at the futuristic Gran Via Fira de Barcelona is invited to visit CHAUVET Professional at booth IE350 and take a step even further into a future where worlds converge.