CHAUVET Professional UK Road Show Offers Incredible Journey

Posted on January 16, 2024

UK Roadshow
LONDON – All roads lead to somewhere. Technically, the CHAUVET Professional UK Road Show that begins on 6 February will wind its way through 11 cities in England, Wales, and Scotland. On another level, however, this road show goes far beyond conventional geography to “Reach Across Worlds,” as is showcases a wide range of products that bridge the divide between the digital and real to open unlimited new possibilities for designers.

Developed for install, touring and theatre markets, the new products feature in the traveling show incorporate a range of advanced technologies that make them ideally suited to take designs to the next level in standard lighting projects as well as VR, AR, and AI applications.

In addition to enjoying refreshments, guests at the CHAUVET Professional UK Road Show will be able to feast their eyes on the company’s latest innovations, as product specialists will be on hand to demo an array of fixtures. The road show begins 6 February at the Beacon in Bristol and ends 26 February at The Place in London. The stops in between include 7 February in Surrey (Camberley Theatre); 8 February in Birmingham (NEC); 9 February at Nottingham Contemporary; 15 February in Cardiff (Tramshed); 16 February, at City Plymouth College; 20 February in Manchester (Victoria Warehouse); 21 February in Wakefield (Production Park); 22 February in Newcastle (Biscuit Factory); and 23 February in Edinburgh (02 Academy).

Presenters at these stops will offer demonstrations of the latest products, such as the newest outdoor-rated Ovation models: the Rêve F-3IP Fresnel and Rêve P-3IP. These bright, full spectrum all-weather fixtures are capable of creating everything from focused beam to broad coverage, all while operation in virtual silence.

The road show will also feature demos of the at the latest innovations from the popular STRIKE series. Included in this group are the STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C, IP65 rated versatile RGBA-WW blinder-strobe-audience lights. Both units open the door to an abundance of design possibilities with their full-color pods (four in the larger unit, and two in the smaller one) that can be independently focused.

Video will also be featured at the road show with the reality-bending new products like the REM series of panels. Featuring two models: the cinema-grade REM 1, an 800 NITS indoor panel with a 1.9 mm pitch, and REM 3IP, a 3.9mm pitch all weather panel. Both products offer a high-speed 7680 Hz refresh rate making them ideal for broadcast applications. The two panels feature NovaStar Armor A10 Pro processors run on the NovaStar COEX VMP platform. These and other features result in very high-quality signal processing for VR/XR applications.

Another product that is sure to turn heads at the open house is the COLORado PXL Curve 12, a fully pixel-mappable motorized IP65-rated RGBW LED batten with individual control of zoom, tilt and color across twelve independent heads. Its seamless edge-to-edge mounting maintains a consistent pixel pitch throughout a line of fixtures resulting in stunning shapes, making it an ideal component of convergent designs.

The Maverick Storm and Maverick Force collections of fixtures will also be well represented at the road show. Among them will be the new arena-grade, IP65 rated Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash. Featuring two independent zones of zoom control, this high output fixture with a 4.6° to 53.6° zoom range, makes it possible to create simultaneous beam and wash combinations from a single unit. A 16-lens outer zone and 12-lens inner zone combine to deliver a massive 19,062 lumens of output from 28 45W RGBW LEDs, making this fixture ideal for using with blow-through video walls. Meanwhile, its built-in macros with foreground and background control can be used to create stunning pixel effects for light-and-video panoramas.

Iluminarc will also be well represented at the open house, with Ilumi and Logic products available. And, since no road show would be complete without ChamSys, and this one will offer guests the chance to get their hands on a range of consoles as well as the new GeNetix family of networking solutions.

To reserve a spot at the CHAUVET Professional UK Road Show visit the company’s website or click here