Painting With Light Provides Thrilling Illumination for Bazyliszek with CHAUVET Professional

Posted on November 2, 2018

Photo: Painting with Light

CHORZÓW, POLAND – Bazyliszek, a brand new interactive dark ride situated in the Magical Forest zone of Poland’s largest theme park, Legendia, was recently opened to the public as part of a comprehensive rebranding and overhaul. Having collaborated once before on the Antwerp Comics Station theme park, the ride’s designers, Alterface, brought in Belgian design studio Painting with Light to help create a thrilling visual backdrop for Bazyliszek.

Drawing on their wealth of experience in the field of theatrical lighting, Painting with Light specified 80 CHAUVET Professional mini ERS-style Ovation Min-E-10CWZ fixtures and COLORdash Par-Hex 7 units to create a multifaceted and exciting visual accompaniment to the ride, which went on to win the European Star Award for Best New Ride in 2018.

“Bazyliszek” is somewhat of a legendary folklore figure in Poland – a complex and highly venomous reptile that can turn people into stone with a single glance. Painting with Light’s creative director, Luc Peumans, thus attempted to translate and transpose these dramatic folklore connotations into a comprehensive and emotive lighting concept in support of the three-minute mixed-media ride, where multi-mover vehicles glide visitors through five different zones with seven distinctive scenes.

To achieve the necessary depth for the individual scenes, Peumans utilized the mini ERS-style Ovation fixtures. The warm white and cold white tones, 19° to 36° zoom and excellent dimming features assist in creating the impression of depth and contrast as visitors slowly move through the ride.

Peumans was also able to make use of the fixture’s various gobos to ensure maximum visual effect, revealing flashes of buildings and other ride-related objects, all keeping the suspense and excitement levels high.

What’s more, thanks to the ultra-discreet compact size of the fixtures (341 x 130 x 133 mm), Peumans could position them in numerous nooks and crannies throughout the ride structure without creating unsightly distractions from the experience itself.

Given the ride’s focus on darkness, black lighting and UV effects play a central role in lighting considerations.

In addition to providing standard lighting effects in some of the spaces, the Chauvet COLORdash Par-Hex 7 fixtures were selected for their RGBAW+UV chips, which produce a homogenized UV in addition to all other colors of the spectrum. Once Peumans had perfected the UV levels, he was able to create a perfect synergy between the Ovation and COLORdash fixtures, which together provided complementary illumination to heighten emotions throughout the ride.

“Lighting is an essential part of making this ride a fully immersive visual experience,” explained Peumans. “It was a brilliant creative project for us to be part of bringing the Bazyliszek ride at Legendia to life.”

Photo: Painting with Light