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John Colligan “Goes Rogue” For Gov’t Mule Tour

NEW YORK – John Colligan of BML-Blackbird Theatrical Services believes that lighting shares an emotional connection to music, flowing with it to tap into experiences deep inside the human soul. Since 2014, Colligan has been part of this powerful union, both witnessing it and contributing to it as lighting designer for jam-band icons Gov’t Mule. […]

Colorizing Services

Resourcefulness runs deep on the high arid plains of West Texas. One way this quality has manifested itself is in the impressive tributes to faraway famous structures that locals here have erected, from the “Globe of the Great Southwest” (modeled after Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre in London), to the popular “Stonehenge Replica” at Odessa’s state […]

I’m With The Band…Tim Farquhar and Magic Beans

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For lighting designer Tim Farquhar, it’s value has proven to be far greater. Back in 2012, Farquhar saw the popular jam band Magic Beans performing at Eldora Mountain in Colorado. Overwhelmed by the band’ eclectic freewheeling performance he took photos of them and shared his work […]

Zach Blane: Telling Stories On Stage With Light

There is a part of every play that audiences neither see nor hear, but feel. It is into this infinitesimal space that wafts between every word the writer pens, and separates every line each actor delivers, that Zach Blane’s lighting thrives. By filling this mysterious area, lighting can, he believes, unleash powerful and often subconscious […]