Lighting Insights


On The House: Alan Hamilton French Lick Resort

The nearest airport is located in Louisville almost 90 miles away. No professional sports team is closer than 100 miles to the north in Indianapolis. If you get the feeling that French Lick, Indiana (pop. 1769) is a remote small town, you’re absolutely right. Yet, celebrities as diverse as Willie Nelson, Joan Jett, Styx and […]

Magic Moments

Every evening visitors flock to the Singapore Zoo. They aren’t coming to see the facility’s animals, who by then have been safely tucked away in their sleeping quarters. The attraction that draws them is a winding one-kilometer magical path that immerses the senses with the sights and sounds of simulated rainforest landscapes, complete with a […]

Luke Bonner’s Reality Shows

As a lighting designer who’s done WYSIWYG modeling and video mapping for major global events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix Concert in Abu Dhabi, Luke Bonner is accustomed to rolling out massive levels of technology. When it comes to theatrical productions, however, Bonner takes a step back, preferring to minimize virtual set technologies like […]

AFI’s Mourning In Amerika Rig Gets Versatile With Rogue

DENVER – Fans who catch AFI on the current Mourning In Amerika tour as they open for Rise Against have no doubt what the multi-platinum band’s initials stand for. Slamming the stage with the power of a thunderbolt, and burning through their songs with reckless abandon, the iconoclastic quartet seems to be driven by some […]

Creative Rental Solutions Creates Surreal Looks For Hype-O-Dream Festival With CHAUVET Professional

WAREGEM, Belgium – Although originally disregarded by critics as another flash-in-the-pan post-war artistic movement, surrealism is perhaps the only early Twentieth Century “ism” to have made a continuing and lasting impression upon art, music and culture. The organizers of the EDM festival Hype-O-Dream appreciate the strong link between the escapist elements of surrealism, which promised […]

John Matkovic Sets Stage For Ian Moss With CHAUVET Professional

GRIFFITH, AUSTRALIA – “Music is the space between the notes,” wrote Claude Debussy. The great French composer would most likely have been very pleased with John Matkovic’s lighting design for a recent concert by Australian rock legend Ian Moss at the Griffith Regional Theatre. Adopting a “less is more” approach to lighting the singer/guitarist’s acoustic […]