MSL Creates Colorful Backdrop For Event At The Louvre With CHAUVET Professional WELL Fit

Posted on January 21, 2019

PARIS – Between eight and nine million people walk through the doors of the Musée du Louvre (aka The Louvre) every year, easily making it the most visited museum in the world. Not surprisingly, given the volume of visitors this renowned Parisian venue draws, anyone lighting a private event within its walls has to operate on an extraordinarily tight setup schedule. This is one reason why Martin Symul and his team at MSL (Sprimont, Belgium) elected to light a recent gala at the home of the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and other great works of art with CHAUVET Professional WELL Fit uplighting fixtures.

“I know the product quite well,” said Symul. “The WELL Fit is interesting because it is an autonomous stand-alone fixture with no ground wiring – better for safety — and it does not require much installation time. Doing an event at a venue like this one, you are not given much time for installation. We arrived on the site Tuesday afternoon, only two hours before the arrival of guests.”

Despite the short setup time, guests who arrived at the event (a 60th anniversary celebration for the DEF Network group of fire prevention companies) were treated to a stunning and stylishly designed setting for their gala. This was evident to them as soon as they entered the reception area via a spiral staircase and encountered a vista of richly saturated blue light from 90 WELL Fit fixtures.

“We positioned the WELL Fit uplights in the mezzanine and in the reception area to set an elegant mood with uplighting,” said Symul. “The fixtures were static. They did not change colors. We went with a single shade of very attractive blue that matched the client’s logo, and used it to colorize columns and walls throughout the room.”

The WELL Fit fixtures did more than set the right mood in the room with their vividly colored light, they also blended well with the architectural features of the stylish reception area, thanks to their reflective chrome housing. With their 8-hour battery life, the WELL Fit units also had no trouble lasting the entire evening, adding a touch of beautiful color that made this special event at The Louvre more memorable for all who attended.