Lighting For Video Focus Of Seth Thiesen CHAUVET Professional WFX Learning Session

Posted on September 28, 2018

ORLANDO – A growing number of worshippers are watching church services on video, and not all of them are on line either. In addition to viewing live streamed services at home, people are connecting to their house of worship via video at satellite campuses and by watching IMAG at mega churches. Seth Thiesen of the multi-campus North Point Ministries outside Atlanta will be offering practical advice on meeting the challenges of lighting worship services for video in a WFX learning session sponsored by CHAUVET Professional.

Thiesen’s session, “Lighting for Video,” will take place from 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm on Wednesday, November 14, in room W221B at the WFX Conference and Expo Center in Orlando. As one of the Lighting Directors at the 30,000-member North Point Ministries for the past decade, Thiesen oversees a crew of volunteers at two performance venues. In addition to designing sets and lighting for ministry activities, he produces the technical experience for the church services.

Drawing on this experience, he will cover a range of topics, like balancing light to achieve depth of field and avoid having video images look flat; delineating foreground and background on camera; avoiding “shadowy eyes;” using fill light, balancing colors for the camera and live audience; and the relationship between camera and light.

“Video has become essential to the mission of many churches,” said Thiesen. “To realize the full benefits of video, a house of worship has to know how to navigate the different demands that video makes on a lighting system. I’m excited to share these insights at Chauvet’s WFX learning session.”

This sentiment was echoed by Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Our company has been a big supporter of education in the House of Worship market for many years,” said Chauvet. “Lighting is a significant investment for churches, and we want to help make sure that our products are used to the best effect. We’re humbled and honored that someone like Seth has agreed to do this important learning session with us.”

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