Foundation de ma Vie and LSM Ambiocréateurs Honor Québécoise Heroes With Help From CHAUVET

Posted on May 20, 2020
Fondation de ma Vie - COLORado 2

SAGUENAY, QUEBEC – Every day when health care professionals enter Chicoutimi Hospital, they get ready to face the grim realities involved in caring for patients afflicted with COVID-19. Now, they are also greeted with a rainbow of colors intended as an expression of gratitude from the Fondation de ma Vie (Foundation of my Life) and LSM Ambiocréateurs.

Spearheaded by project leader Ricky Ricken of LSM, working closely with the Fondation de ma Vie, the display covers the entire width of the hospital’s entrance side in brilliant blues, oranges, yellows and purples from a collection of over 70 CHAUVET Professional COLORado 1 Tri Tour IP fixtures from LSM’s own inventory.

Placed at the base of the building and on ledges at various heights, the RGB fixtures cast their glow to the top of the hospital’s two the six-story wings. Light from the COLORado units also shines to the top of the complex’s main tower, which at 39 meters is the fourth highest building in Saguenay. The IP rated lights illuminate the building every night.

In keeping with the selfless spirit of cooperation that has brought this community together amidst the pandemic, the illumination project was an all-volunteer effort on the part of LSM, master electrician Gabriel Chaperon and lighting programmer Dany Bouchard, as well as Alexandra Girard, Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, and Remi Larouche.

Although nothing can mitigate the challenges that health care heroes face every single day, this colorful expression of gratitude serves as a source of hope, raising spirits with a vivid reminder that this community remains strong together