Power Up With Maverick Force 3 Profile and Force 2 BeamWash

Posted on July 17, 2023

SUNRISE, FL – “When two forces are combined, their power doubles” observed Sir Isaac Newton. The famed physicist’s words ring especially true for the recently introduced Maverick Force 3 Profile and Maverick Force 2 Beam Wash. The latest additions to CHAUVET Professional’s popular Force series, the two feature-rich fixtures have the power to transform any stage individually. And their impact becomes even greater when they are used in tandem, serving up the perfect compliment of a flat, even field of light, unparalleled colors, and captivating pixel effects.

In terms of color mixing, the Maverick Force 3 Profile sets a new standard. The fixture’s precision optics and variable CMY + CTO color mixing system produce very realistic palettes.

Color calibration and gobo selection in the Maverick Force 3 Profile match those of other Maverick Force fixtures in the rig. This, along with the advanced four-blade, rotating shutter frame system, delivers the superlative static, rotating, and animation effects that have made the Force series so successful.

Featuring a 915W LED engine, the Maverick Force 3 Profile delivers an intense 40,906 lumens of output. It’s muscular power, though is just the beginning; the new profile unit is ultra-fast for its powerhouse output, making it an effects wheelhouse. This speed, together with its brightness, opens the way to creating dazzling effects across a stage, while the fixture’s 4.9° to 53.9° zoom range allows great variation in coverage areas.

Adding to the prowess of the Maverick Force 3 Profile are its animation wheel, 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer, CRI filter, two independently layerable prisms (a five-facet linear and five facet round), independent light and medium frosts, and two gobo wheels, one rotating, the other static.

The other newcomer to the Maverick series, the Maverick Force 2 BeamWash, is equally versatile and impressive. A lighter, brighter, tighter, faster RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with full pixel mapping and zoom, it incorporates the latest LED and optical technologies to project the narrowest beams and deep aerial effects.

Other features that make The Maverick Force 2 BeamWash stand out are its smooth 16-bit dimming of master dimmer, a built-in gobo wheel with background colors, and calibrated white for 7500 K at full output.

On the subject of force, back when Newton became the first person to conceptualize the phenomenon, he defined it as anything that causes an object to accelerate. Based on their effect on the level of audience excitement, the new Maverick Force 3 Profile and Force 2 BeamWash certainly live up to this standard.