CHAUVET Professional Ovation Provides Theatrical Looks at Colombia’s University of Atlántico

Posted on October 26, 2018

BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA – With 12,248 students and 656 full-time professors, the University of Atlántico is the largest higher education institution in Columbia. As part of a recent move to transform the University’s multipurpose auditorium into a full-fledged theatre for its students, local AV specialists Schallertech provided a versatile lighting arrangement, specifying a number of CHAUVET Professional Ovation E-260WW, Ovation E-160WW and Ovation F-95WW fixtures.

To ensure that the 1,000-capacity auditorium could be transformed into a venue with theatrical credentials, Alejandro Ramirez, Production Director of Schallertech, was keen to incorporate the CHAUVET Professional Ovation fixtures into his design to provide practical general illumination for all manner of stage activities.

To cover the stage with comprehensive and concentrated light, Ramirez positioned the Ovation E-260WW from the main balcony overhang positioned 25 meters from the stage. With their incredibly soft and even flat field of warm white illumination, single-source 230W LED and smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve, the Ovation fixtures ensured that the venue was equipped with a modern equivalent to traditional incandescent house lights.

“The E-260WW’s powerful throw provides more than enough illumination for the stage – a crucial factor considering the long distance between stage and balcony,” commented Ramirez. “The beautifully warm output provides classic theatrical effects for the stage, which is especially refreshing given the efficiency and low power draw of the LED source.”

For side fill, Ramirez specified an additional selection of Ovation E-160WW fixtures. With their 100W LED power source housed in a compact casing, Ramirez was able to ensure discreet side illumination could be achieved without bulky distractions.

“The versatility and intensity of the Ovation E-260WW and E-160WW fixtures is incredible,” commented Ramirez. “The combination of both fixtures is very powerful and awards the auditorium with genuine theatrical possibilities.”

Supplementing the Ovation series are a selection of CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Pro W USB and SlimPAR Pro Q USB RGBA fixtures, which provide ample saturated wash lighting to create atmosphere and energy on stage. What’s more, the fixtures’ adjustable color temperatures enable color temperature matching, providing unity and cohesion with the Ovation output.

“The SlimPARs are a great solution for the theatre, thanks to their compact size and saturated color effects,” commented Ramirez. “The D-Fi USB compatibility provides wireless master/slave or DMX control for the theatre’s technicians, ensuring easy and flexible control and set up.”

As a result of Schallertech’s comprehensive CHAUVET upgrade, the University of Atlántico’s onetime auditorium has been successfully transformed into a fully operational theatre ready for all manner of events and performances, thanks to the capable lighting setup.

“Considering that the theatre was initially conceived as an auditorium without lights, the CHAUVET fixtures have done a great job at transforming the space into a working theatre,” continued Ramirez. “It’s safe to say that Atlántico now has one of the best theatres in the country with regards to sound and lighting, something that will only reflect positively upon the cultural and scientific life of the university.”