CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX Strip IP Provides High-Octane Looks At Zoute Grand Prix Pitlane® By Stow

Posted on February 11, 2019

Photo: Bevas Events

Knokke-Zoute, BELGIUM – At the annual Zoute Grand Prix® event at the Belgian coast, some of the world’s most exclusive vintage cars transform the seaside town into a prestigious spectacle. Not only has the number of spectators and cars has increased since the first edition of the event in 2009; so has the grandeur.

Stow International, one of the main sponsors of the event installed an industrial piece of art on the dyke, showing what they do, industrial racking, and serving as pitlane for the participating cars. For this year’s edition, the Stow racking construction was even higher, including two lanes for the technical scrutineering and control to highlight the Zoute Pitlane®. Stow commissioned event agency Bevas Events for an amazing lighting concept that includes 280 CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures. The lighting transformed the pitlane construction into a lattice of linear geometric illumination so that the Stow racking was highlighted from both sides of the dyke.

In order to transform the industrial racking structure, with its quadratic metal trussing, Bevas Events’ Designer Jeroen Van de Velde utilized the 100 LEDs on each of the 1-meter long ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures to create a quiet, stylish linear effect congruent to the structure’s form. Providing the basis for this seamlessly linear form was the solid aluminum die-cast construction of the ÉPIX fixtures – combined with stainless steel hardware – guaranteeing effortless and secure interlocking between the units.

“We specified the 280 ÉPIX Strips to be placed on the contours of the construction because of their incredibly slim design,” commented Van de Velde. “The coupling of fixtures and one cable connection enabled us to create unbroken lines of light to really accentuate the structure while also awarding an element of depth and grandeur to the event.”

In addition to providing structural highlighting, the fixtures provided the basis for high-octane illumination of the cars, heightening their entrance and exit through the structure with bursts of color, which rolled off the glossy paintwork to achieve a tunnel-like motion effect as they passed through.

“The pixel mappable effects and strong saturated colors gave us plenty to work with,” continued Van de Velde. “The fixtures created immense effects upon the glossy paintwork of the cars, and the illuminated construction was positioned in the beating heart of the event.”

On top of the aesthetic requirements, the team at Bevas Events had to take into consideration certain unpredictabilities in selecting appropriate fixtures: the Belgian weather. With their IP65-rated housing, the ÉPIX fixtures provided a guarantee against potential unstable weather conditions, meaning the team could concentrate on placing the vintage automobile classics as main points of attraction.

“The versatility of the ÉPIX fixtures enabled us to provide both impactful structural illumination and lighting of the racking construction and cars,” concluded Van de Velde. “An exclusive event like this deserves special scenery, and we’re exceptionally pleased with the results!”

Photo: Bevas Events