CHAUVET Professional at Prolight + Sound 2015

Posted on March 18, 2015

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – The latest in LED dimming solutionsand new additions to the groundbreaking Rogue series of moving heads are among the highlights to be expected from CHAUVET Professional at Prolight + Sound 2015, Frankfurt in Hall 11.0, Stand D30.

Taurora1he show marks the European debut of new fixtures from CHAUVET Professional’s Ovation line, created especially for stage and theatre. Among these will be the new Ovation ED-190WW ellipsoidal and the Ovation FD-165WW Fresnel wash. Both feature built-in power supply technology that allows them to run off traditional and DMX systems simultaneously so they can work with the dimmable incandescent fixtures already on an existing rig. This breakthrough technology makes it possible to add dimmable LED fixtures to rigs one unit at a time without making a costly investment in new infrastructure.

aurora1The new Rogue RH1 Hybrid combines a beam and spot effect in one unit that can produce a beam angle of 1° to 4.5° in the beam mode and a zoom angle of 5° to 19° in spot mode. The fixture emits 111,000 lux at 15m from its 330W 8,000K Osram Sirius lamp, and its two prisms—6- and 8-facet—are independently controllable and can be overlapped. Additional effects include a frost feature, two gobo wheels (rotating and static), and a colour wheel with 13 hues. The unit has 3-pin and 5-pin connectors and offers two DMX profiles of 25 or 30 channels.

CHAUVET Professional product manager, Michael Graham, said: “There’s no other moving head on the market like it, when you consider the design versatility of its hybrid beam/spot capabilities, combined with its ultra-bright output, unique feature set and value-driven price.”

aurora1Ideal for stage/wall washing, uplighting or any application that calls for intense colour, the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash are true “rogues” in their category, in terms of offering professional quality and features at a revolutionary breakthrough price. Their impressive performance is a function of their innovative LED engine design, which utilises high-power 15-watt quad-colour LEDs (red, green, blue, white), all configured under a single zooming lens plate, to provide smooth shadow-free colour blending, potent output, and an exceptionally even field of light.

aurora1Their versatile zoom – another premium feature not typically found on such affordable fixtures – gives the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash greater flexibility to meet a variety of design needs, and thus greater value to the user.  With a wide zoom range of 8°-30°, they can be used to highlight an object or performer in an intense glow of colour, or softly wash or uplight broad expanses of walls and other surfaces – or anything in between.

Also making an appearance at Prolight + Sound will be the latest products from CHAUVET Professional’s VIP series of LED video panels – C6, PVP X3 and PVP X6IP; the palm-sized COLORdash Accent Quad fixture that excels at delivering saturated colours and brilliant pastels with a soft, even glow; and the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour, a compact, tour-ready wash light for versatile usage in the studio, on set, or on the road.