Behind the Scenes at Ultra Music Festival’s UMF Radio stage

Posted on April 4, 2024

Meet the crew who designed and programmed this year’s UMF Radio stage.


“We chose CHAUVET Professional because they offer a wide range of IP65-rated fixtures: profiles, beams, washes… everything that we need to cover this stage.” – Nick Rodriguez, owner, Gravitate Productions

“We chose Maverick Storm because we’re out here in the elements. In South Florida, in case of rain, we don’t want to run and bag up all these lights. And because CHAUVET Professional are great to work with.” – Danny Linares, lighting programmer, Gravitate Productions 

Meet Charles Brennan, lighting programmer for Ultra Music Festival’s UMF Radio stage.


“On this rig, we set up Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash and Storm 3 BeamWash fixtures on the upstage part of the truss to give us a nice backlight effect as well as some cool effects in the air.

“Maverick Storm 2 Profile gobos gave us a really good range of additional aerial effects. Using the diverse set of aerial gobos combined with the prism in the Maverick Storm 2 Profile, we programmed some cool rotating chase looks. 

“We chose Maverick Storm 2 Profile not only because we can use it on this outdoor stage without worrying about the fixtures getting wet, but also because they have the punch and the feature set of a full profile that you would find with an indoor fixture.” – Charles Brennan, lighting programmer, Gravitate Productions

UMF Radio stage lighting crew:

Programmers: Charles Brennan & Danny Linares

Designer/renders/previz: Ruben Laine

Production: Gravitate Productions 


UMF Radio stage gear list:

Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash


Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash


Maverick Storm 2 Profile


COLORdash Par H12X IP




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