Capturing Light

It’s been said that a lighting designer’s work is always in the moment. Like the rising sun or a shooting star, it dazzles, impresses, inspires…but in the end it can never be held on to. While it’s impossible to freeze a designer’s work in time, good photography can capture at least some of its essence, […]

Balancing Stage And Setting

Back in the late 1530s, Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries that had been familiar fixtures on the English landscape prior to the Reformation. Most of the stately buildings were destroyed, their material scavenged for other purposes. But one survived thanks to the intervention of Augustine Steward, Mayor of Norwich, who convinced the king to deed […]

Nic Farman Defining Space On Stage

Theatre may, as some believe, offer an “escape from reality” that gives people a new (and hopefully wiser) way of looking at their real lives when they return from their brief sojourn into the imaginary world depicted on stage. Like all worlds, however, even the invented one of theatre must be marked off by space. […]