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Chauvet Draws Crowds To Asian Open Houses

SINGAPORE – February ended on a high note for Chauvet in Asia. The company’s first open house in Singapore drew an enthusiastic crowd of close to 50 lighting professionals, who came for a first-hand look at the latest CHAUVET Professional, CHAUVET DJ and ChamSys products. This followed an open house with the company’s distributor ASIIS […]

Rogue Stars In EDM Drama

Theatre-goers who turned out to see Amos during the show’s recent run in Los Angles knew they were not going to experience an ordinary play. After all, how many productions describe themselves as EDM dramas? Set against the brooding backdrop of an underground EDM world in the Ukraine, the play delves deeply into a nefarious […]

I’m With The Band: Jimmy Davidson and Cody Johnson

Few rising country music stars have ever followed a trajectory quite like that of smoky voiced baritone Cody Johnson. The former bull rider was working as a prison guard in Texas when he began promoting his self-released albums on social media in 2006. Plugging away, and gradually increasing his fan base (his Twitter following reached […]

Let The Music Play: Ollie Wilkinson Lighting Musical Revues

Musical Revues… are they concerts, or musicals? For TPi Award nominee Ollie Wilkinson of Arranpaul Ltd., the answer is “none of the above.” The British designer, who’s worked on an impressive list of popular revues at Blackpool’s historic Grand Theatre, treats them as their own creative challenge. Feeling the vibe of the music, the way […]