Kino Flo, CHAUVET Professional and ChamSys To Bring Immersion Into Focus at IBC Show

Posted on September 6, 2023

AMSTERDAM – There’s a good reason why “immersion” is commonly cited as a principal goal of lighting design. The word, which comes to us from immergere, Latin for “submerging in water,” has been used for thousands of years to describe the deepest levels of engagement — and who wouldn’t want their design to have that effect on audiences?

Kino Flo has made this critical element of design the centerpiece of its stand at the IBC Show, building its presentation around the theme “Bringing Immersion Into Frame.”

Anyone who visits the company’s booth 12.D35 at RAI Amsterdam will very likely agree that it has met this lofty goal in “flying colors” (often quite literally) by showcasing a collection of Kino Flo, CHAUVET Professional, and ChamSys products that make it easier for designers to create immersive, camera-friendly looks.

By taking advantage of the free registration code IBC1321, visitors can enter the show and see these innovations themselves. An area of the booth that is certain to capture attention is the Kino Flo MIMIK system demo area. Created with the team at Halostage, this section of the booth will provide real-life demonstrations of how the award winning MIMIK system creates stunningly immersive environments. This magic is created with the full spectrum image-based MIMIK lighting tiles that mirror video and apply a higher tonal and color rendering range, as well as extended spectral bandwidth and cinematic color fidelity.

When lighting talent and set elements in virtual production environments, the MIMIK system draws on patented Kino Flo Matchmaker® technology that translates incoming RGB video signals into five individual emitters (warm white, cool white, red, green, and blue). This generates synchronized foreground lighting to create a very high level of realism on camera. This combination of innovation and engineering is why the MIMIK has won multiple awards since being introduced, including its latest for engineering excellence from the Hollywood Professional Association.

Another eye-catcher, which is sure to create a buzz throughout the show, without make a sound itself, is the Maverick Silens 2 Profile, a 560W moving fixtures with a completely fanless design that allows it to operate in silence without compromising performance. Ideal for studio use, the fixture has an output exceeding 10,000 lumens, CMY+ CTO color mixing, +/- green adjustment, emulated red shift, a rotating and static gobo wheel, a prism, and fully variable frost.

Visitors to the booth can also see the latest innovations in key lighting from the CHAUVET Professional Reve series, including the new Reve E-3 IP, an outdoor ready ERS-style fixture that operates in complete silence. Its rich list of features includes adjustable PWM, +/- green adjustment, emulated red shift, sooth 16-bit dimming curves and more.

The most advanced control solutions for broadcast applications will also be on display at the booth, including the popular ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M, MQ70, and the QuickQ20, a compact (9.7” touch screen) control solution using a smart phone-like interface for setup, programming, and playback.

These and other lighting/programming solutions will all be “framed” within the Kino Flo stand, but their ability to contribute to immersive designs is boundless.