CHAUVET Professional Wins 5th WFX New Product Award

Posted on October 17, 2017

DALLAS, TX – The CHAUVET Professional Ovation B-565FC carried on a proud tradition at WFX 2017, when it won Worship Tech Director magazine’s New Product Award for Lighting. The groundbreaking batten luminaire, which was introduced earlier this year, joins four Ovation ellipsoidal LED fixtures that have received the prestigious honor.

“We’re humbled and very gratified to receive this award,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Our team has worked extremely hard to understand the needs of the church market, so we can develop products that address those needs in a way that makes economic sense for a house of worship.”

Incorporating CHAUVET Professional’s pioneering lime color-mixing system, the Ovation B-565FC opens new design possibilities for sanctuaries, stages and youth centers. The fixture’s RGBA-Lime LEDs can produce a wide array of rich, realistic colors. Lime is at the optimal wave length for the human eye. Adding it to a fixture’s LED color-mixing system results in more vivid colors and whites.

“We understand how color can contribute to creating an immersive worship environment,” said Chauvet. “Our lime color-mixing fixtures give churches greater capabilities to create colors that enhance this environment.”

A compact fixture, the Ovation B-565FC works as a batten or a standard wash in a variety of applications. The fixture comes with a holographic filter that can be locked into place, allowing it to be oriented in any direction without the filter sliding out. The versatile fixture works with a variety of control options, including RDM, Art-Net™ and sACN plus standard DMX.

Thanks to its color rendering prowess and flexibility, this award winner should be at home in any house of worship.