We’re Adding RGBW Washes To The Rogue Series

Posted on October 1, 2014

Rogue R1 WashWhen it debuted earlier this year, CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue Series rocked the industry’s notions of value, delivering upscale performance and features that were unheard of in LED moving head spot/beam fixtures at its price point. Now we’re doing the same for wash lights, adding two new RGBW colorwash moving heads to this trailblazing series: Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash.

Ideal for stage/wall washing, uplighting or any application that calls for intense color, the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash are true “rogues” in their category, in terms of offering professional quality and features at a revolutionary breakthrough price. Their impressive performance is a function of their innovative LED engine design, which utilizes high-power 15-watt Quad-Color LEDs (red, green, blue, white,), all configured under a single zooming lens plate, to provide smooth shadow-free color blending, potent output, and an exceptionally even field of light.

Their versatile zoom – another premium feature not typically found on such affordable fixtures –gives the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash greater flexibility to meet a variety of design needs, and thus greater value to the user. With a wide zoom range of 8°-30°, they can be used to highlight an object or performer in an intense glow of color, or softly wash or uplight broad expanses of walls and other surfaces – or anything in between.

Both models feature full 540° pan/230° tilt rotation, giving them the ability to cover large areas with their rich, saturated colors. The Rogue R2 Wash offers the “bonus” capability of 5-zone control, which means it can be used to create exciting pixel and eye candy effects, in addition to RGBW color washes.

Here’s a closer look at the two new Rogue wash models:

Rogue R1 Wash – Fast, small and lightning fast, this little dynamo utilizes 7 bright 15-watt RGBW LEDs to produce a punchy output of 3,098 lux from 5 meters at narrow focus. Featuring an auto-ranging power supply (110-240 VAC) and PowerCON in and out, it can be power-linked up to 10 units on a single 120-volt 15-amp circuit. (21 units at 230 volts). Weighing just 13 pounds (5.9 kg), it’s a highly portable, efficient choice for tours and traveling productions.

Rogue R2 WashRogue R2 Wash – Containing 19 x 15-watt Quad-Color LEDs, the beefier Rogue R2 Wash is ideal for larger venues and applications that require more power, flexing the muscle to blast out 8,650 lux from 5 meters (narrow focus). Featuring 5-zone control, it can double as a pixel effect, providing the tools to tap into today’s hot “eye candy” trend at shows, events and productions. Surprisingly compact for its output, the Rogue R2 Wash weighs 20.4 pounds (9.3 kg), and like its smaller cousin, features a 110-240 VAC auto-ranging power supply and PowerCON in/out. Up to 4 units can be power-linked on a 120-volt 15-amp circuit, and 9 units on a 230-volt circuit.

Both the Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash feature 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors. They include the same full-color LCD display interface and Omega mounting bracket as other models in the Rogue Series.