Fineline Lighting and CHAUVET Professional Help Will Furze Reflect Energy of Skid Row on Tour

Posted on February 10, 2023
SkidRow_2_PhotoCredit_Pete Key

CLEVEDON, UK  – More than 30 years after they became the very first metal band to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts with 1991’s “Slave To The Grind,” Skid Row still has plenty of highly combustible fuel left in the tank. This was breathtakingly evident on the last leg of the band’s 2022 “Gangs All Here” tour in support of their new album, and their first with their new lead singer, winner of Swedish Idol, Erik Gronwall.

Wrapping up 2022 with 22 shows in 7 countries,  the tour coincided directly with the release of the new album and saw the sold out London 02 Forum show being filmed for a 2023 DVD release. Reflecting Skid Row’s high octane sound during this performance was a raw, intense and fast moving lighting design by the band’s LD Will Furze, who once again enlisted Fineline Lighting to supply the touring package.


Featuring a complete package, including networking, power, and data distribution, as well as ground podiums, the Fineline kit provided a comprehensive solution night after night. Key to its potency were eight CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2X Spot fixtures, which Furze relied on as the mainstay of his floor package.

“I need to deliver the same visual show every night, regardless of stage size or in-house infrastructure limitations,” said Furze. “Having had a very successful tour and great experience with these fixtures in 2019 with Fineline, I was glad to have them in my kit again.


“The R2X spots tick all the boxes, for bus tours where trailer space is at a premium,” continue Furze. “In these cases, we need fixtures that are physically compact, light on power, and easy to set up, whilst still being able to keep up with 1200-watt discharge fixtures in the bigger house rigs. These Rogues continue to blow me away.”

Furze turned to the Rogue R2X Spot often to conjure up looks that reflect the thunderous percussive moments, revved up tempos, fiery riffs. and shattering vocals that animated the performance of the American legends. He created some especially memorable visuals with the fixtures for big moments in songs like  “I Remember You,” and one of the new releases. “Time Bomb..”


“Being compact, lightweight, super bright, easy on power and super reliable, the R2X Spots are now my go-to for a floor package solution,” said Furze. “I’m grateful to Fineline for hooking me up with fixtures like this. Fineline have a great team, always willing to go above and beyond to help and ensure we have a great tour. Their in-house knowledge and experience always ensure we have everything.”

Skid Row will continue to energize fans as the Gangs All Here Tour continues in 2023. As one critic noted the tour marks “a triumphant return to form,” by one of metal’s most iconic bands. It is a triumph based on hard core formula and pure intense music, supported by equally potent lighting.