Angers Ice Parc Gets Versatile Lighting Rig from Club Services and CHAUVET Professional

Posted on November 27, 2019

ANGERS, FRANCE – There is a world of difference in the talent one can see skating on the ice at the new Angers Ice Parc. On some days, the elegantly designed facility on the banks of the Maine is the site of hockey games played by the professional Duc d’Angers, a tenant of the city-owned rink. Most of the time, however, it serves its community as a public ice rink, playing host to a number of activities, such as youth hockey, ice karting and skating classes under the auspices of the nonprofit UCPA (Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air).

There is one thing, however, that visitors can count on whenever they visit Angers Ice Parc, whether it’s for a professional hockey game, or an event involving amateurs: the lighting on the ice will always create an engaging atmosphere. The versatile lighting system financed by UCPA and installed by Club Services ensures that!

Animated by the intense brightness, crisp gobo patterns and richly textured colors from CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2X Spot fixtures, the rink at Angers Ice Parc comes alive with vibrant visuals for a wide range of events.

“We designed our lighting to be adaptable to the client’s needs,” said Jérémie Menore of Club Services. “This means the lighting can easily change, according to the event and time of day. For example, we will create a club type of lighting in the evenings, and slower, more colorful looks during family sessions. The lighting is essential to give life to the rink. It contributes to the general atmosphere during matches, shows and allows us to provide spectators with an immersive experience.”

A collection of 14 Rogue R2X Spot units is used to light the facility’s “Olympic Track,” and 10 of the 300W moving fixtures are deployed at a “Fun Track.” The intense output of the Rogue lights (11,000 lumens at 5-meters) gives them ample brightness to cover the entire ice rink, while the 16.5° beam angle, two variable scrolling color wheels with seven colors, a 3-facet prism, and smooth gobo morphing open a wide range of opportunities to create unique looks on ice.

“The power of the Rogues was very important,” said Jérémie. “Thanks to their output, it is possible to have the necessary luminous flux despite the height. (The fixtures are positioned more than 12-meters over the ice.) We also rely on the Rogue’s interchangeable gobos to integrate the various sponsors of the Duc d’Angers hockey team.”

Like all projects, creating the lighting system at Angers Ice Parc was not without its challenges. By the time the lights were ready to be installed, the new rink was already in its ice setting phase. This made it impossible to use baskets during the installation process. Instead, the crew had to go up on gangways and dismantle the grids by hand to install the lights.

In the end though, the Club Services team met this challenge, and put together a lighting system that, like a great skater, is fast, powerful and very, very versatile.