Lighting Insights


Flexible For Festivals

When John Garberson designs a lightshow, he likes to push the creative envelope. Adding a new effect here, pixel mapping a fixture differently there, his goal is always the same: to come up with unique looks that support his client’s music. About ten times a year though, when Garberson puts together a festival rig, he […]

Weaving Drops Into Design

William Succoso’s list of favorite design tools includes one item that isn’t a lighting fixture at all, but a puffy fabric with vertical lines, aka The Austrian Drape. The New York-based designer, and former house LD at the legendary Bowery Ballroom, prizes the distinctive textile not just for its aesthetic appearance, but also (and more […]


Fireplay’s Nick Whitehouse And Dom Smith Power Jason Aldean Ride All Night Tour With CHAUVET Professional

NASHVILLE – From the moment it begins, with the thunderous guitar riff from his chart-topping hit “Take A Little Ride” reverberating through the house, Jason Aldean’s Ride All Night tour immerses fans in what can best be described as a theatrical experience. As the initial music builds, a larger-than-life silhouetted figure of the star appears […]


David Summers Goes Rogue For Fever 333

NEW YORK – As David Summers sees it, his role when working as a lighting designer is to “create visuals that emulate the vibe of the band.” Given this philosophy, it wasn’t surprising that when the Colorado Springs-based LD got a call to light Grammy-nominated Fever 333 on their current North American tour, the word […]