We’re Having An AWESOME Time at WFX 2013! Check Out Some Photos!

Posted on October 2, 2013

We’re on the road this week with our WFX 2013 demo room, talking to tons of people and getting to know each of you one by one!  Are you here at the show?  Have you stopped by our big room down on the C-Level of the Dallas Convention Center?

Come talk to Jim, Danilo, DeAnna, Len, Eric, and Carmen – whether it’s answering questions about our Chauvet Professional products or just chatting about nothing in particular, we’re happy and glad to share some time with you!

Check out some cool photos of the demo room!

Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-1 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-2 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-3 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-4 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-5 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-6 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-7 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-8 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-9 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-10 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-11 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-12 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-13 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-14 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-15 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-16 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-17 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-18 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-19 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-20 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-21