Top Five Posts on the Chauvet Professional Blog, August 2013

Posted on September 10, 2013

Good morning, world!  We hope your Tuesday is twice to three times as good as your Monday, and that you have an incredibly productive and positive day ahead of you!

Here’s the top five posts for August 2013 on the Chauvet Professional Blog.  We love to know what you love to read!

#1 for August 2013:
Chauvet Professional Lights Mexican Dance Festival


#2 for August 2013:
Chauvet Professional’s MVP Video Panels On Tour with Pitbull


#3 for August 2013:
Legend 230SR Beams On Stage with Killswitch Engage


#4 for August 2013:
Chauvet Professional Explosive at Boomtown Fair

Utopium Lions Den-blog

#5 for August 2013:
Victor Manuelle Shines in Puerto Rico Under Chauvet Professional Fixtures


That’s the top five for August 2013!  We’re looking forward to see what hits with you all in September!  Have an amazing day, and best of light to you all!