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The TOP TEN Lighting Insights Articles from 2014!

Posted on December 12, 2014

Happy Friday, lighting industry!!!

We’ve been watching what your favorite Lighting Insights Newsletter articles have been in 2014, we love to see what you love to read!  The Lighting Insights Newsletter brings interviews, industry stories, and product news — not to mention our video series with lighting industry veteran Jim Hutchison as he takes us through tips, tricks, and all kinds of other great stuff to help you make your lighting designs better!  People love Lighting Insights!

Check out the Top Ten LIGHTING INSIGHTS articles from 2014 — all chosen by YOU!

Counting down from #10…

10:  Christian Hibbard — Creating Moments with Lighthibbard

9:  Darien Koop — Stepping UP Pixel Mapping

8:  We’re Adding RGBW Washes to the ROGUE Series!

7:  Visualizing Possibilities with Cory Fitzgerald

6:  Beyond DMX — A Lighting Insights Video!

5:  Toning Your Truss Rig — A Lighting Insights Video!

4:  Michael Meacham — Revolutionizing Space in Club Lighting

3:  Pixel-Mapping Your Truss —  A Lighting Insights Video!

2:  Joshua Hutchings — A Lighting Imagination

The #1 Article on Lighting Insights for 2014, chosen by YOU, the wonderful readership!

1:  Inside Life in Color with Lighting Designer Collyns Stenzel

We’ve got awesomesauce planned for 2015…  check back soon, we’re gonna be rocking!  Thanks for reading LIGHTING INSIGHTS!