Tech Talk: The Right Tool for the Job

Posted on June 14, 2011

Mike Graham looking pensive in front of MVP video panels

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET Professional

I can clearly remember my dad always telling me to pick the right tool for the job. Pretty simple rule, right? The truth is that this rule applies to more than just picking the correct wrench.

W-DMX is one of those tools in our industry that is the right tool for the job. We just released the WELL fixture. It is already a huge success and a lot of that is because of the W-DMX option. W-DMX from Wireless Solution is a wireless DMX solution that allows the user to send DMX without a cable.
This comes in really handy in ballrooms, corporate events and anywhere else where having wired data is not really wanted. For me, any kind of ground lighting is a good time to avoid running data cable. Avoiding any additional ground clutter is a good thing. W-DMX to the rescue! Couple this feature with the battery-powered WELL and you have a really slick way of having a completely wireless uplighting package.
Now that is the right tool for the job.
Good luck, be safe and send us pictures from the road!