Special Edition — Television and Broadcast Solutions!

Posted on April 27, 2015



From top-rated hits like The Voice, to network staples like The Today Show, to special events like the Grammy Awards, fixtures from CHAUVET Professional are turning in standout performances on network television programs. Local newscasts, community access stations and corporate studios also are calling on Chauvet to provide reliable, quiet and cost efficient LED video panels, key lights and other solutions for broadcast applications. Here are just three examples:

WSVN Miami

Florida’s most prolific news department adds extra impact and flexibility to its bi-level studio with 120 PVP S5 panels.


We added the Chauvet panels, because our executive management decided they wanted something big that could help tell stories… these panels look great on camera; a big part of it is the high refresh rate.

Taunton Community Access and Media

Designer Jonathan Lipsy turns to Ovation for key lights and wash lights that illuminate the set and the talent on it without spilling over into background panels.


Focus and control were a big concern that led me to select the Ovation LED fixtures. I needed a fixture that could throw a narrow beam of light, while having the capability of being dimmed very low without flickering or cutting out at the lower levels.

EMC Studio

Integrated Solutions Group creates a freestanding video studio in the middle of a corporate warehouse with help from Ovation fixtures.


Looking for an LED fixture that was powerful, less expensive and had proper quality of light, I chose the ChauvetOvation line of LED fixtures.