Richard Cadena talks high voltage at CHAUVET HQ

Posted on November 18, 2011

Academy of Production Technology: Day one. What is electricity?

The scope of the first day was about entertainment electricity and electrical theory. For example, how to measure current, voltage, wattage, calculate phase angles, Ohm’s law and AC and DC power.

There were quite a few ‘did you know?’ moments as well. Did you know you should look for a fixture with a power factor of one? Did you know that Thomas Edison made his own filament by baking bamboo until it was black? Did you know air is a good insulator? Did you know New York City’s Broadway earned the nickname “The Great White Way” because it was among the first electrically lighted streets in the United States. Did you know the band AC/DCgot it’s name from alternating current/direct current seen on a household appliance?

Mike Graham and Ford Sellers (L to R)

Naturally, this is only a fraction of what was discussed and does not begin to outline the detail and structure of this class. Nor does it remark upon how Cadena’s teaching style is equal parts thorough and easy-to-understand. Hopefully, it suggests that learning about electricity can be fun and that anyone will benefit from taking this class. Those new to the industry or more seasoned members like our own Ford Sellers, senior product development manager, and Mike Graham, product development manager for the professional line. Anyone.

For more information about Academy of Production Technology three-day seminars, checkout their website for upcoming classes.

Must see video show in class: