NZ trip: Day 9, Wellington

Posted on March 21, 2011

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET Professional

After a long day of presentations and setting up, we are back the next day at Audio Progress tearing down. I finally have a chance to speak with Malcolm and learn what he likes about CHAUVET. He has invested heavily in the COLORado 2 and COLORado 6p. He says he is really happy with how they hold up, are consistent with the colors and run efficiently. He has gotten rid of all but about nine of his original PAR 64 units in favor of the COLORado fixtures. He is also big into using ShowXpress. They are using a Obey 70 combined with the ShowXpress so that they have fader control and makes it much more like a standard lighting desk. They were using another more expensive desk and were much happier to be using the ShowXpress with the Obey.  Allan Reiss (product manager for club/DJ line), that is a major win for you my friend.

Now it’s back to the road. No way am I going back over that mountain though. I ignore the GPS girl and stay on the road by the ocean. The view is awesome and the weather is perfect. Sorry, no pics of that as I was driving. I get back to Wellington just in time for dinner. Perfect timing and the distance was almost the exact same as if I had done the mountain thing. GPS girl apparently has a wicked sense of humor.