NEXUS Creates the Right Look for VH1!

Posted on December 22, 2014


MIAMI – How do you add extra bam to one of the hottest A-List after parties during the ultra-hip internationally acclaimed Art Basel art show? At Mansion Nightclub, the answer was obvious, sometimes blindingly so, as 38 Nexus 4×4 Panels from CHAUVET Professional created a searing and intense design at the VH1 + Scope party.

“Lighting designer Joe Paradise and the VH1 Production team created an awesome design that took full advantage of the Nexus panel’s intensity,” said Jorge Tellez, who was lighting director for the Mansion/Opium Group at the time of the party. “The panels were positioned to create a three-dimensional effect using Mansion’s current LED system. They were rigged in three different positions, on the stage, front stage truss and main room truss. The arrangement provided a very nice depth illusion and an interesting lighting effect.   The panels were also used to create ‘plus signs’ to match the party’s ‘VH1 + Scope’ logo.”

Controlled by Martin MI consoles, the Nexus panels were run at 10 to 30 percent during most of the party. “These are some extremely powerful bad boys,” said Tellez. “Later in the night when we really wanted to create a big bang, we turned them up to 100 percent; they were unbelievable.”

A “big fan” of the Nexus 4×4, Tellez feels that the powerful output and flexibility of the panels makes them especially well suited for a venue like Mansion.  “I love the fact that the Nexus panels are interchangeable,” he said.   “In a room like Mansion we have to constantly change our look. These fixtures create an amazing pop; regardless of their configuration, they become the stars of the show.  You can get very creative with these fixtures when you have a room with Mansion’s height and depth.”

Tellez says that the VH1 lighting and set design team came into the project with a very definite vision of the look they wanted to achieve. In addition to praising Joe Paradise and the VH1 team, he also acknowledged the work of Everlast Productions and Show Masters Production Logistics in making the high-profile after party a high flying success.

“Everyone involved in this project gave it an outstanding effort,” he said. “Given the fact that our market during Art Basel is made up of many of the world’s leading artists and art critics and that this party is such a desirable event, we needed a design that conveyed a great deal of style, but still managed to give us a lot of punch. The Nexus panels managed to do both of those things extremely well.”