Legend 230SR Beam Switches on the Stage for Killswitch Engage

Posted on August 15, 2013

CHAUVET Professional Legend 230SR Beam powerful moving yoke spiced up the stage for 30-plus performances of Killswitch Engage during their recent U.S. Tour. Lighting Designer Cody James used four Legend 230SR Beam fixtures toward the back of the stage, shooting bright beams on the artists and toward the audience. “These lights were everything that I was looking for and more,” James said. “My show is very stroby and the Legend 230SR Beam moving heads were extremely bright, giving nice effects. It’s nice that they didn’t get lost with the strobes. I like the speed, the smooth transitions, the gobos. They’re also very well-built, road-worthy, and hold their own very well.” JDI Productions full-service production company provided the lights.

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