LD Profile: Rodney Daniel

Posted on April 1, 2013

Six questions with Rodney Daniel, executive producer for Runway Images, Inc. of Atlanta, Ga. 

1. How did you get into this field?
After years of providing models for events and fashion shows, one time I was asked to actually produce a fashion show. After my first show I was hooked.

2. What do you think is the next big thing in the lighting industry?
Being able to run lighting from apps on our smartphones or iPads. Currently I use ShowXpress and the LIVE app on my smartphone.

3. Do you have a favorite fixture (and why)?
Yes any of the CHAUVET Q-Spot fixtures with gobo capabilities, along with real-time reaction from the board.

4. What has been your favorite design/project?
The annual Bauder Black Tie Fashion Event and various events for NBA ALL-Star Game weekend.

5. What was the biggest unforeseen obstacle that you’ve faced in one of your designs, and how did you overcome it?
Being told by a venue that we cannot use truss system or rigging for an event, and we had to place all lighting on staging and floor.

6. Complete this thought: A show without light is like…
…having a Rolls-Royce without gas!