Ilumiline Logic 12 VW Is Key to Proper Video Conferencing

Posted on May 11, 2012

Eight rooms on three different campuses belonging to Florida Hospital health care provider are equipped with Ilumiline Logic 12 VW interior lighting solutions from CHAUVET Professional’s ILUMINARC line. Sound Stage Inc., an audio and video installation company, discovered the lights during InfoComm 2010 and has installed about 50 fixtures in total for Florida Hospital, each room averaging six of the linear wash lights. Featuring SpectraWhite Technology, Ilumiline Logic 12 VW is perfect for creating the right conditions for videoconferencing. “The problem with videoconferencing is that if you don’t address the lighting and the sound in the right way, it’s a horrible experience,” said Chet Neal, vice president of Sound Stage Inc. “But we know there won’t be any problems using Ilumiline Logic 12 VW lights.”