Collyns Stenzel, Life In Color’s Designer, Talks Light with CHAUVET Professional

Posted on February 11, 2014

This month in the CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights newsletter, there’s an excellent article and video with the Life In Color lighting and production designer, Collyns Stenzel, about what his challenges were to bring illumination among the same energy level of Electronic Dance Music and paint guns and thousands of people.

A snippet from the article:

Speaking of your artistic side, your festival designs really make spectacular use of video panels and play them off well against intense beam effects. So, how do you achieve the balance between video and this super bright light?


“I’m using the Chauvet MVP 18 video panels for my Life in Color design. It’s a good thing the MVP 18 panels are bright enough to keep up with the lights. In fact they’re almost too bright to use with large format 1200w movers!

“A key to using videos successfully is to have a good relationship with your VJ. The VJ Max Troyak and I have to have a good working relationship to make it look good. Knowing when to let video take over and when to let lighting take over and who’s going to call the next color combo is all part of our delicate FOH performance. I don’t think that can be taught, it can only be learned through experience.”

Check it out!  Collyns Stenzel sits down with CHAUVET Professional to talk lumens and loud music!